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  1. ==== SFX Package File ====
  3. (Files without extension at audio/SFX)
  5. The file structure is basically many bank headers (at any offset) followed by the sound buffers.
  6. The offset where each bank is located is specified by the file BankLkup.dat.
  8. Bank header structure:
  9.     uint16_t        Number of sounds in this bank
  10.     uint16_t        __padding
  11.     repeat (400) times:
  12.         uint32_t    Sound buffer offset relative to the end of the header (The buffer must be raw mono PCM-16)
  13.         uint32_t    Loop offset (divided by two)
  14.         uint16_t    Sample rate
  15.         uint16_t    Sound headroom
  17.     ... SOUND BUFFERS HERE ...
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