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SimCity DRMLESS by VulpesZedra Installation Guide (1.6)

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  1. SimCity DRMLESS by VulpesZedra Installation Guide (1.6)
  3. 1. Download Simcity 2013 from here - http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8558755/SIMCITY_2013_DRMLESS_CRACKED-VULPESZEDRA (and after it finished stay in seed)
  5. 2. go to your torrent download folder and copy the game folder to your desktop.
  7. 3. Rename it in "SMCITY".
  9. 4. Go to "extra" folder in the SMCITY and install the origin certificate. be careful because there is 2 options and you have to install everyone.
  11. 5. copy the host file and paste it in C/windows/system32/drivers. say yes when it ask to replace.
  13. 6. install Origin
  15. 7. download the updates from this link https://mega.co.nz/#!f0gQwLSR!Lu3bY10k0jSctwzj-b_3GTd6DM8vLJmO0_OFmN5S6_U
  17. 8. apply all the updates in order (from 1.x to 1.2 - 1.5 to 1.6). its very important
  19. 9. click on "start.exe" and make sure it isn't blocked. also left the "write only" check from the box. do the same thing to "stop.exe.
  21. 10. click righ button of the mouse on "start.exe" and go in the security tab. be sure to have ALL the permission with all the users. do the same thing to "stop.exe".
  23. 11. click in the SMCITY folder and make sure he isn't "write only".
  25. 12. click star.exe and wait for the game to update. if you have a dummy error (or something else) do again the point 4.
  27. 13. when "everything sounds good" star origin and log in with a valid username and password (not necessary valid, but to prevent errors create a good one)
  29. 14. download simcity, wait for updates and play :)
  31. sorry for bad english
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