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By: NuAoA on Apr 20th, 2013  |  syntax: Lua  |  size: 0.51 KB  |  views: 716  |  expires: Never
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  1."pastebin get rZX2FqZU image")
  2."pastebin get g5tBarus wrap")
  3."pastebin get hRs1MZAZ startup")
  4."pastebin get GQ3kZ7Mh 1")
  5."pastebin get 8taXKjNM 2")
  6."pastebin get GYkeKhA4 3")
  7."pastebin get WPXk2J4z 4")
  8."pastebin get SY8GLdMZ 5")
  9."pastebin get Nn2YTTQ2 6")
  10."pastebin get ryLccfUu 7")
  11."pastebin get WT3NA7Ek 8")
  12."pastebin get d0MwSDH3 9")
  13."pastebin get 9Ldnpd7c 10")
  15. os.reboot()
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