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Waiting For We The People

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  1. Waiting For We The People
  3. If We The People can rationalize illegally invading other countries and murdering the women and children with exotica like drone attacks, include me out of We The People.
  5. If We The People built up the largest Prison-Industrial Complex on the planet, perhaps in history, and have filled those prisons with non-violent citizens who have run afoul of the agricultural dictatorship that is the DEA, include me out of We The People.
  7. If We The People believe the Executive Branch has a legitimate claim on the power to kill Americans without even pretending to have a trial, include me out of We The People.
  9. If We The People have an infantile attachment to the Democratic and the Republican Parties as valid political expressions of the commons, include me out of We The People.
  11. If We The People believes that the US government represents its citizens, include me out of We The People.
  13. If We The People consent through their silence to the continuing atrocities committed by their own agents, include me out of We The People.
  15. If We The People are leaving themselves vulnerable to the whims and predations of their own government, include me out of We The People.
  17. But if We The People can wise up, act like human beings and learn to govern oppressors instead of being governed by them, I'm your sibling and will die for you.
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