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Snitches getting various stitches

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  1. Hi FBI & other law enforcement clowns,
  3. LulzSec here with some juicy gossip.
  5. This is Marshal Webb, also known as "[redacted]" in the "#pure-elite" IRC logs you no doubt have enjoyed. He was involved in the hacking of the game "Dues Ex" and was/is involved in countless other cybercrimes.
  7. Also, he tried to snitch on us. Therefore we just did your job for you with great ease.
  9. This moron is trying to flee the country in order to avoid serious punishment. Hunt him down:
  11. SNITCH: m_nerva aka cimx aka rq42
  13. AIM: mudkipznlulz / minervasx
  14. Last known IP: cpe-174-101-240-242.cinci.res.rr.com (
  15. Location: MARSH #336
  16. 1204 W Main St
  17. Hamilton, Ohio 45013
  18. Name: Marshal Webb
  20. This is also the name of one of his associates, Michael, or "Hann". He's also wanted for some pretty heavy stuff:
  22. PIC: http://i.imgur.com/OvFjc.jpg
  23. Name: michael dean major
  24. DOB: 06/17/1989
  25. Aliases: hann
  26. Address: 4520 spring ave, halethorpe, md
  27. Phone: (443) 304-7052
  28. Google Voice Number: 443-304-7052
  29. AIM: ia2erkn
  30. IRC: fred_da_godson
  31. (hann@c-68-55-148-219.hsd1.md.comcast.net),,
  33. These goons begged us for mercy after they apologized to us all night for leaking some of our affiliates' logs. There is no mercy on The Lulz Boat.
  35. Snitches get stitches,
  37. Lulz Security
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