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Viper2323 "involved" with Amanda Todd's photos

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  1. Viper2323
  2. Danny Quach
  3. Age:41
  4. Location: Sheboygan , Wisconsin
  5. Marital status: Married
  7. Supposedly Dakota Maxson has said that it was Viper who was the one stalking her. That seems like complete bullshit. guess it is all a coincidence that someone who is a pedophile and has black mailed other girls over webcam knew Amanda Todd and just was "helping" her to stay away viper. So is this all just a giant coincidence then? Anyway here is the dox of Viper2323 or at least what I could gather,if police investigated this it is more then enough  to catch him.
  11. Bio from dating website:
  12. i am a married woman looking to have a little fun, and to fulfill some fantisies for myself as well as my husband. with no strings. a freindship would be great, but its not required to get with us. we are for real. so please respond only if you are serious. you won't be disapointed. if we wink at you, we are intersted in finding out more. P.S.ALTHOUGH A WINK IS NICE. WE CANNOT CONTACT FROM HERE. SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. WRITE US IF YOU THINK YOUR WOMAN ENOUGH. LOL.
  15. Video:
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svHOA3b3044
  17. Connected to kody1206 thru Capper Awards. Even mentioned in the Capper 2010 awards I believe although the video has been taken down i saved it just in case.
  19. Kody1206 a.k.a Dakota maxson also bated peyton into being filmed:
  21. http://webtothumb.com/peyton-bate.html
  24. twitter:
  25. http://twitter.com/Viper2323
  27. Motherless.com profile:
  28. http://motherless.com/m/viper2323
  29. ^Website is famous for having lots of child porn
  31. http://www.spawnscape.org/forums/showthread.php?26456-Viper-2323-scammed
  33. http://fe1.bookmarks.fy8.b.yahoo.com/activity?show=5as9lLR8aa
  36. http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=viper2323
  39. His email was dumped in the stratfor hack and pasted:
  40. viper2323@live.com     
  41. http://dazzlepod.com/stratfor/?page=3261
  42. He must have been a stratfor customer.
  45. We are legion
  46. We do not forget
  47. We do not forgive
  48. Expect us
  49. https://www.facebook.com/AnonNJ?fref=ts
  50. #NJAnon
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