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Ars Magica Guide

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  1. Ars Magica Spell Guide
  3. Use these to get your recipes from latin to english.
  4. Niveus = ink sac
  5. Atrum = bonemeal
  6. Lanu = lapis
  7. Kula = red dye
  8. Crocus = yellow dye
  9. Oraiste = orange dye
  10. Viridus = green dye
  11. Corcra = purple dye
  13. To switch bewteen diminished, normal, and augmented spells in-game press C. The blue circle below your mage level will show which one is currently being used. Down arrow, line, up arrow. Guess which one is which.
  15. Summon Shadow - Black plain Plain Black Black Plain Plain Black White
  16. Summons a dark-shaded Steve that defends you when you are attacked.
  18. Channel Essence - Blue White Blue White Blue White
  19. Powers Ars Magica blocks using your mana.
  21. Gust - White Blue White
  22. Lifts the target into the air.
  24. Breathe of the Open Sky (Tiered from Gust) - Blue White Blue White White White Blue
  26. Swirling Winds of Protection - Blue White White Yellow White White
  27. Reflects arrows coming at you or fired from your end.
  29. Drown - White Blue Blue Black Blue Black
  30. Makes the target drown for a period of time, taking damage over time.
  32. Life Drain - Red Black Red Black
  33. Deals damage and gives you however many hearts it dealt.
  35. Transplace - Blue Green Red Orange
  36. Switch places with the target.
  38. Haste - Yellow White Yellow White
  39. Move really fucking fast.
  41. Pull of the Watery Grave - White Blue Blue Plain Blue Blue Black Blue Blue
  42. Makes the target sink when they are swimming. Kind of buggy as far as I can tell.
  44. Aqua - Blue
  45. Creates 2 source water blocks where your character is.
  47. Clairvoyance - White White White Purple Black Blue Purple White Black
  48. I don't really know what this does yet. I assume it points to the Archmage's tower. Seems to only work once, or possibly has a very very large cooldown.
  50. Vortex - White Purple Black White
  51. Pulls living creatures toward you.
  53. Curse of the Desert - Black Oraiste White Green Orange Blue
  55. Ice Rune - Blue Blue Black White White
  56. Creates a rune on the target square that slows anyone who goes through it.
  58. Firebolt - Red
  59. Shoot a small aoe firebolt. Sets things on fire.
  61. Flash of Scarlet Flames - Red White
  62. Blinds anyone near the explosion. Fired like a bolt.
  64. Kiss of Death - Black Black Red Red Black Red Red Black Black
  65. "Marks the target for death," whatever that means.
  67. Charm - Red, White, Red, White, Green, White, Green, Blue, White
  68. Charms a creature. Not 100% sure what charmed creatures do, or what is a valid target.
  70. Arcane Bolt - Purple
  71. Low cost, low damage. The caster equivalent of a machine gun.
  73. Dig - Orange, Red, Yellow, Black
  74. Digs a few blocks toward your cursor.
  76. Dig II (tiered from Dig) - Black Yellow Red Orange
  77. Digs toward your cursor in a 3x9 area. Use with caution, It's fucking huge.
  79. Flight - White White Plain Blue
  80. Hold right click. Double jump. Welcome to creative mode. Don't run out of mana in the clouds.
  82. Shockwave - White Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain White
  83. Knocks creatures away from you.
  85. Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand - Purple Blue Purple Black White
  87. Meteor Jump - White Blue Red Orange Blue White
  88. You can either pussy out or make a destructive entry with this spell.
  90. Magelight - Orange Purple Purple
  91. Create a magical torch.
  93. Invisiblity - Black Plain White Plain Purple Plain Black
  94. Like the potion, but channelled.
  96. Insect Swarm - Green Yellow Green Black yellow
  98. Agility - Yellow White White Yellow
  99. Increasre jump height to 2 blocks and run a bit faster.
  101. Breath of the Open Sky - Blue White Blue White White White Blue
  103. Earth Shift Down - Black Yellow Red Orange Black Yellow Red Orange
  104. Lower the targetted block. Higher casting mode makes it larger.
  106. Water Breathing - Blue White
  107. Self explanatory I would think.
  109. Summon Battle Chicken - White White Yellow Green Black White White yellow
  110. Summons a chicken ready for war.
  112. Furnace Touch - Red Orange Yellow White Black
  113. According to the wiki: point at block, block is smelted. Haven't tried it myself.
  115. Parasitic Seed - Green Blue Green Green White Green
  117. Swift Swim - Blue Blue Blue Yellow
  118. Faster swimming. Eats mana, I suggest using boats unless you have mana to spare.
  120. Talons of the Wind - White
  121. Just a cool name for a wind bolt type spell.
  123. Blink - Purple Purple
  124. Blink forward 5/10/25 blocks depending on casting type.
  126. Seven League Stride (Tiered Blink) - Purple Purple
  127. I don't know how much of an upgrade this is, but it seems like it would go far judging by name.
  129. Frostbolt - Purple Blue White Blue
  130. A bolt spell that slows the target with damage.
  132. Summon Stone Golem - Green Green Blue Blue Orange orange
  133. Summon a stone golem to fight for you in times of need.
  135. Dispel - Purple White White Purple
  136. Dispel all good and bad spell effects from yourself. Casting type determines how many are removed.
  138. Telekinesis - Purple Orange Purple Orange Purple
  139. Pull items around you toward you.
  141. Ender Intervention - Purple Orange Red Purple Black
  142. Teleports you to the nether. I don't know if a portal appears, but I doubt it would.
  144. Tangle of Wood and Thorns - Green Plain Green Green Green
  146. Heal Self - Green Blue White
  147. Self explanatory.
  149. Fire Burst - White Red Orange Yellow White
  151. Wall of Thorns - Black Plain Plain Plain Black
  153. Fireball - Red Orange Red White Yellow Red Black
  154. Fire an explosive fireball. Firebolt 2.0 pretty much.
  156. Growth - Green
  157. Bonemeal in the palm of your hand.
  159. Summon Skeleton - White Plain White Plain White Plain White
  160. Become a necromancer! Make science jealous! Summon a skeleton today!
  162. Life Tap - Black Green
  163. Sacrifive health for mana. Wiki has the exact formula for conversion rate. No mana cost of course.
  165. Mana Drain - Blue Black Blue Black
  166. Drain another wizard's mana.
  168. Fire Shield - Red Purple Yellow Yellow Red
  169. This one is complicated. Refer to http://arsmagica.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Fire_Shield
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