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Deny & Eternal alliance rules.

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  1. I will not allow Deny, or Eternal, to gain a bad reputation. My rules are simple and not hard to follow.
  2. The purpose of this is to make clear the intentions I have as leader of the Deny guild, and furthermore the alliance.
  3.                                         ===[DENY & ETERNAL RULES]===
  5. 1.) Don't hack.
  7. 2.) Don't leech from hackers.
  9. 3.) Don't scam.
  11. 4.) Don't spam alliance chat.
  13. 5.) No begging in alliance chat.
  15. 6.) If you leave the guild, you will not be reinvited. (This is guild specific. Deny enforces this rule heavily. The other guilds may have different rules here.)
  17. 7.) If you are kicked from the guild, you will not be reinvited. (This is guild specific. Deny enforces this rule heavily. The other guilds may have different rules here.)
  19. 8.) If you are removed from a guild on the basis of hacking/leeching from hackers, you will not be reinvited to another guild in the alliance. This means if you're caught hacking or leeching from hackers, you are banned from the alliance. Period.
  21. 9.) Do not misloot on PQs/Boss runs. Wait for the run leader to call the shots.
  23. 10.) Do not disobey your run leaders.
  25. 11.) Respect the alliance.
  27. 12.) Don't be immature.
  29. 13.) If you have to be M.I.A. for an unexpected amount of time, or a longer than reasonable amount of time, please make a BBS post explaining your situation.
  31. 14.) I expect you, my guild members, to be the eyes and ears of the alliance. If you find alliance mates doing things that I would not approve of, please report them to the proper authorities.
  33. 15.) If you are leaving the guild, please have the courtesy to inform a Jr. Master or your guild master.
  35. 16.) Please respect your alliance members FM spots. Have the courtesy to offer it to the alliance after you're done using it!
  37. 17.) Above all else, do not make the guild or alliance look stupid. Like, seriously. Don't be an asshat.
  39. If you can't follow my rules, you simply belong in a different guild. I'm here to help you find the right place to be.
  41. If you've gotten this far, welcome to the alliance. I hope you find what you're looking for in this community here on the Renegades server, and above all else, enjoy your stay here. (I hope it's a long one!)
  43.                                            ===[End of Rules]===
  46.                                        ===[Alliance Notes and Links]===
  47. -The official alliance channel is Channel 8. It is currently in the works to make Channel 8 FM 1 a shopping destination for the rest of the server. This will be discussed later.
  49. -For shop titles, feel free to use: http://dennisfan.com/eternal/
  51. -If you need to urgently contact me, please use Skype to find me. DecemberDistrict@Skype = Sinister in game = Tony.
  53. -Alliance subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/EternalAlliance/
  55. REVISED: 10:07 PM 9/18/2012
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