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  1.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 87220||WWHVQBYQKEMUBUDEMNWY|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_aaaa1111=49d67bb9bdf0845abd6873d90fd0589b; vzmember=49d67bb9bdf0845abd6873d90fd0589b; PHPSESSID=49d67bb9bdf0845abd6873d90fd0589b|||1331263808|0||
  2.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 93494||CGVYPLSNXWXWETOXGQZW|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_abcdefg2=3db14d4098960382ce94dc626c0f2ace; vzmember=3db14d4098960382ce94dc626c0f2ace; PHPSESSID=3db14d4098960382ce94dc626c0f2ace|||1331263859|0||
  3.||After Redirect -> Failure Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [Invalid Username or Password] - Source Length: 9733 - Key match with wrong combo -> After Redirect succeeded ->||YRIXSGTKCRNDKKFZHCQV|combo list çoklu|0|||||1331264183|0||
  4.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 93394||CWZNDVHJJQIVFDGGBLAL|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_dommel=8953511b55cb0846667e672cdfa753a0; vzmember=8953511b55cb0846667e672cdfa753a0; PHPSESSID=8953511b55cb0846667e672cdfa753a0|||1331264473|0||
  5.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 93098||FUVZUUVKFNALDSXSWKEG|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_flowerhorn=9fa433253be01e6b182eacdd22567a0e; vzmember=9fa433253be01e6b182eacdd22567a0e; PHPSESSID=9fa433253be01e6b182eacdd22567a0e|||1331264616|0||
  6.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 93514||QIROSVBEYONJYOEZVMTP|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_majestic78=fed5a24afe9e0fe760988372009a5d6b; vzmember=fed5a24afe9e0fe760988372009a5d6b; PHPSESSID=fed5a24afe9e0fe760988372009a5d6b|||1331265116|0||
  7.||Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [logout] - Source Length: 53131||LGBKUPGGRLRHTKWLZMLB|combo list çoklu|0||vzmember_saginaw=36c88898cc01395f9ed62808c3061c12; vzmember=36c88898cc01395f9ed62808c3061c12; PHPSESSID=36c88898cc01395f9ed62808c3061c12|||1331265611|0||
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