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MineLittlePony Minecraft Server Constitution

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  1. Preface:
  3. This document was written for the express purpose of outlining the rules of the MineLittlePony Minecraft Game Server, and making sure every player of the server can easily understand, and comprehend the rules, and the punishments for breaking those rules. Furthermore this document is designed to outline the Administration of the server, and how it shall conduct itsself when dealing with the server, the users, and any punishments dealt.
  5. Definitions:
  7. "Server" or "The Server" refers to the game environment, and the software, or hardware, that runs the game environment
  9. "Administration" refers to any administrator, moderator, or any user with elevated permissions, such as submoderators (unicorns and pegasi)
  11. "User" refers to any user of the server (be they administration, donator, regular player, or known troublemaker)
  13. "End punishment" refers to any removal of the user from the server(such as kicking, banning, or tempbanning), or lasting punishment (such as muting, or permission removal)
  15. "Permissions" refer to the abilities and powers of any player (such as teleporting for users, or changing weather for administration)
  17. "Griefing" is defined as the following:
  18. 1) breaking blocks of any kind that another user owns, without their permission.
  19. 2) placing blocks of any kind onto another users property without their permission.
  21. "PonySpy" is a software suite on the server that intercepts and displays private messages to anyone utilizing it.
  23. "Obscene topics" or "obscene" refers to topics that are inherently sexual, or racist, or needless cursing. Use of cursing is not obscene, however needless, gratiutous cursing is looked down upon.
  25. "Automated mob farm" refers to a structure or facility that enables a user to "farm" mobs with little or no effort, or threat of physical harm. If the user is not required to move, or otherwise engage in fair combat with the mob, it is deemed an automated mob farm
  28. Administrative conduct:
  30. Administration may deal with a situation in any way they deem fit, within the constraints of end punishment guidlines. If a user is misbehaving, or breaking the rules, administration may take whatever action they decide to stop the player from misbehaving.
  32. Administration reserves the right to utilize the permission of PonySpy.
  34. User conduct:
  36. Upon joining the server, the user understands that they have the privelege of privacy against other users, but not administration.
  38. Upon joining the server, the user understands that they have the privelege of speech. However, as it is a privelege, it may be revoked at any time if abused.
  40. Upon joining the server, the user understands that the server collects and stores information about the user. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  41. User name
  42. online status
  43. current nickname
  44. nickname history
  45. ip address history
  46. first login time
  47. last login time
  48. last logout time
  49. inventory
  50. ban information (banned, ban type, ban reason)
  51. notes from administration
  53. Upon joining the server for the first time, a user shall have a book in their hand. Reading this book will inform them how to gain build priveleges on the server.
  55. 1) A user may not, under any circumstance, save for approval by administration, grief on the server.
  56. 2) When addressed by administration, a user must take steps to ensure that their attention is given to the administration that addresses them. They shall not ignore administration when addressed.
  57. 3) A user may not, under any circumstance, bring up obscene topics in the chat channels, or in private message to another player. A user may not under any circumstance, spam the chat. Spam is defined as repeated messages in quick succession to the chat channel.
  58. 4) A user may not, under any circumstance, create, use, operate, maintain, or otherwise own an automated mob farm.
  59. 5) A user may not, under any circumstance, save for approval by administration, utilize client modifications or hacks that give the user unfair advantage above other players. Such mods include speedhacks, movement enhancers, flymods, xray texturepacks, xray mods, fullbright mods, or any other client mod that isnt expressely approved by administration. Administration currently approves minimap mods, coordinate display mods, and MineLittlePony.
  60. 6) A users account is their own responsibility. If an account is banned, the user must appeal based on the act performed on the account, not that another person used their account. '"My friend did it!" Is not a valid appeal'
  61. 7) A user must conduct themselves appropriately on the server. If a user is rude, mean, hostile, or commits any discourteous act, Administration reserves the right to punishment via end punishment guidlines.
  63. End Punishment Guidelines:
  65. Whenever administration takes end punishment, a note must be left on the offending user's account.
  67. "Severity Check" refers to administrative opinion on the offense. If the user is deemed to have had purely malicious intent, the severity check allows administration to bypass the offense counts and enact end punishment accordingly.
  69. "Unban action" refers to the action that administration must take if a user was banned for the reason it is under, and successfully appealed.
  71. "Full Reset" refers to a special end punishment in which administration must do the following:
  72. - remove all lockable blocks the player owns. Use of lwc, and tploc are key.
  73. - after all lockable blocks are removed, purge them from LWC.
  74. - deconstruct their home. remove all owned tameables (wolves/ocelots)
  75. - wipe all player warps.
  76. - wipe user inventory
  77. - note account: any infraction past this point is un-appealable permaban.
  79. "Fillification" refers to a special end punishment in which administration revokes the users build priveleges (puts them back into the filly group) until they deem them allowed to be a normal user again.
  81. "Verbal warning" refers to a special end punishment in which administration warns the user, either publicly or in private message, about their transgressions, making them aware that what they are doing is in violation of the rules.
  83. 1) If a user griefs the server or someones house, Applicable end punishments are as follows:
  84. Severity check: permaban.
  86. first offense: tempban or verbal warning. Administrative disgression.
  87. second offense: tempban, or permaban. Administrative disgression.
  88. third offense: Permaban. No disgression
  90. Unban action: Full Reset.
  92. 2) If a user spams a chat channel, Applicable end punishments are as follows:
  93. Severity check: mute, or permaban. Administrative disgression.
  95. first offense: verbal warning, or mute. Administrative disgression.
  96. second offense: mute. Administrative disgression: tempban.
  97. third offense: permaban
  99. Unban action: remove mute, note account.
  101. 3) If a user utilizes an xray texture pack, or xray client modification, Applicable end punishments are as follows:
  102. Severity check: none
  104. first offense: permaban, full reset. Guarentee appeal. Administrative disgression: deny appeal.
  105. second offense: permaban. No disgression
  107. Unban Action: full reset
  109. 4) If a user utilizes any other mod that gives unfair advantage (such as flymod, or speedhacks), Applicable end punishments are as follows:
  110. Severity check: none
  112. First offense: verbal warning, or tempban. Administrative disgression
  113. second offense: permaban.
  115. Unban Action: full reset
  117. 5) If a user actively ignores administration, Applicable end punishements are as follows:
  118. Severity check: tempban
  120. first offense: Fillification until response. Administrative disgression.
  121. second offense: tempban
  122. third offense: permaban
  124. Unban action: fillification. If issue persists, permaban. Administrattive disgression
  126. 6) If a user maintains, operates, or owns an automated mob farm, Applicable end punishments are as follows:
  127. Severity check: full reset
  129. first offense: Complete deconstruction of mob farm, mob spawner destroyed.
  130. second offense: permaban
  132. Unban action: full reset
  134. 7) If a user is malicious, rude, or brings obscene topics into the chat room, Applicable punishment are as follows:
  135. Severity check: permaban
  137. first offense: verbal warning. Administrative disgression: mute, fillification
  138. second offense: mute. Administrative disgression: permaban
  139. third offense: permaban
  141. Unban action: fillification
  143. Ending Clause:
  144. Administration reserves the right to change this document without implicit notification to the user.
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