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Pokemon Trivia 27 December 2012

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  1. Besides Struggle and itself, which move cannot be copied by Sketch?
  2. Chatter
  4. Which multi-hit move checks accuracy for each hit?
  5. Triple Kick
  7. Aggron weighs 360.0kg. After using Autotomize twice, what is its weight?
  8. 160kg
  10. Name the only single target Water-type move that cannot be redirected by Storm Drain.
  11. Water Pledge
  13. Which seven abilities does Trace not copy?
  14. Flower Gift, Forecast, Illusion, Imposter, Multitype, Trace, Zen Mode
  16. Of the dual screens, which one weakens Psyshock, Psystrike, and Secret Sword?
  17. Light Screen
  19. Suppose a Cinccino uses Tickle on a Defiant Bisharp. What is Bisharp's Attack stat stage after the move lands, assuming it was +0 before?
  20. +3
  22. In the anime, what Pokemon did Professor Juniper and Bianca trade?
  23. Karrablast and Shelmet
  25. Which non-legendary Dark-type Pokemon has the highest base HP?
  26. Mandibuzz
  28. Which non-legendary Dragon-type Pokemon has the highest base Defense?
  29. Shelgon
  31. What sports are played in Nimbasa City?
  32. Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer/Football
  34. Which Ice-type Pokemon has the highest amount of resistances and/or immunities?
  35. Froslass
  37. Name the only Pokemon with the Ability Poison Touch that is not part Poison-type
  38. Seismitoad
  40. How many Pokemon are banned in VGC rules?
  41. 26
  43. What is the name of the region in the first Pokemon Ranger?
  44. Fiore
  46. What two type combo is the only pairing that can't be resisted by any possible pokemon (ignoring abilities)?
  47. Fire/Dragon
  49. Which Pokemon that can know Tail Glow has the lowest BST?
  50. Smeargle
  52. What is the only shadow Pokemon that is obtainable in both Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD?
  53. Makuhita
  55. What is the accuracy of Sheer Cold when used by a level 91 Pokemon against a level 78 Pokemon?
  56. 43%
  58. What is the accuracy of Zap Cannon used during Gravity by a Pokemon holding a Zoom Lens? Assume it moves last and no other accuracy/evasion effects are in play?
  59. 100%
  61. What is the accuracy of Hypnosis when used on a Pokemon with Wonder Skin?
  62. 50%
  64. Which two Abilities does Mummy have no effect on?
  65. Multitype, Mummy
  67. Of all the Sinnoh Elite 4 members in Diamond/Pearl, which one has all of his/her Pokemon sharing a type?
  68. Lucian
  70. Name the two Hoenn Pokemon in Harrison's team.
  71. Blaziken, Kecleon
  73. Of all Pokemon in Gen V that are not allowed in UU, which ones have the lowest BST?
  74. Dugtrio
  76. What is the maximum amount of damage Psywave can do when used by a level 100 Pokemon? Minimum?
  77. 150, 50
  79. Which Normal-type Pokemon has the highest base Speed?
  80. Meloetta-Pirouette
  82. What challenges were completed to win Cissy's badge in the Orange Island?
  83. Water Target Test, Pokemon Wave Race
  85. Which Pokemon can learn the most moves which have priority under regular circumstances? How many can it learn?
  86. Hitmontop, 12 (Smeargle also, with 40, I think)
  88. In those same games, which partner Pokemon have never been a starter Pokemon in any of the main series games?
  89. Meowth, Munchlax
  91. Who was the only trainer in RBY to have a Kangaskhan?
  92. Giovanni
  94. What is Brock's Best Line Ever?
  95. I'll use this trusty frying pan, as a drying pan!
  97. Name the only two Pokemon with the Ability Clear Body that are not genderless.
  98. Tentacruel, Tentacool
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