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  1. I love the show and need your help. I have been tasked with researching alternative to regular FTP for uploading files on a web server and SSH is not an option. The current IT environment is very unfriendly about everything. The main goal of the research project is to find a solution for version control and securing how we update websites. They would like a easy way for the “It” department to be able to view who has accessed the server and exactly what files they uploaded or downloaded. They would also like to be able to tell if a file has been altered. The hard part it they IT admins are windows guys and don’t fully understand how to administer a Linux Web Server. They were wondering if there is a HTTP based version. Please help before they force us to use a windows server. I really don’t want to learn ASP. I am leaning towards mercurial for version control but will use subversion if you have any tips on speeding up subversion.
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