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TeensLoveHugeCocks – Ava Sparxxx – Sweet Romance / September

By: vivamafiaxxx on Sep 13th, 2013  |  syntax: None  |  size: 3.71 KB  |  views: 517  |  expires: Never
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  1. [center][b]TeensLoveHugeCocks – Ava Sparxxx – Sweet Romance / September 14, 2013[/b]
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  11. [b][i]Ava met up with us because she was in need of something she'd been craving. She'd just turned eighteen and was tired of young guys not fulfilling her needs. Simply put, Ava wanted a big cock. She got in touch with us because we provided the dong hot young eighteen year olds want most. Ava wanted her pussy filled to the max. She needed a huge cock and wanted it badly. We introduced her to Clover. He literally has a baby, third leg for a cock. Ava's panties were soaked with excitement, as she fingered both her holes. When Clover stepped to her, she was all smiles, as his dick fell on her face like a redwood getting cut down. His cock was longer than her head. Ava was in penis heaven. After trying to gag herself on his enormous dick, she asked him to fuck her, but to be careful, for she didn't know if it was going to fit. Clover eased it in, as she moaned. He soon buried it in what used to be her tight little pussy. Ava fingered her asshole, as he was making her legs shake. She loved it so much, she wanted to feel his cum explode deep inside her. Ava laid there after in amazement, as his load oozed out of her pussy.[/i][/b]
  13. [b]Informações:[/b]
  14. [b]Titulo/Title:[/b] TeensLoveHugeCocks – Ava Sparxxx – Sweet Romance
  15. [b]Gênero/Genre:[/b] XXX
  16. [b]Duração/Duration:[/b] 0:37:22
  17. [b]Tamanho/Size:[/b] 411.70 MB
  18. [b]Resolução/Resolution:[/b] 768x432
  19. [b]Frame Rate:[/b] 29.97 fps
  20. [b]Formato/Format:[/b] mp4
  21. [b]Idioma/Language:[/b] Ingles
  23. [b]Download:[/b]
  25. [url]!H4ZihaRQ!AHestACLq9I6IipNyo3z_wAitx4A4XSXOuutbMqNTpY[/url]
  26. [url]!ropnjQKD!APskNgBfNklrss-pNw3o4wDSgNoAvj5Aa9xCmDfePJA[/url]
  28. [url][/url]
  29. [url][/url]
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  32. [url][/url][/center]
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