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  1. [highlight]Before you ask questions here [b]LOOK AT THIS THREAD [url=]HERE![/url][/b][/highlight]
  2. [highlight]Keep your Speedtest shit [url=][HERE!][/url][/highlight]
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  7. :siren: [b]RULES by daijitsu[/b] :siren:
  8. I'm going to say this, and no one's going to listen. This thread is about people who think or act like they're tech savvy, and fail miserably. This could be smug kids saying their macbook could run Crysis on decent settings to garner attention, teachers at school spouting out things that make no sense and trying to get away with the "I'm the teacher, I'm right" excuse, or the usual haberdashery and whatnot.
  11. [b]Posts everyone is sick of:[/b]
  13. Laughing at normal people instead of actual tech-illiterate asshats:
  14. "My friend said he has 1 terabyte of ram lolol"
  15. "Someone said their 8800 video card is better than my 220GT turbo-derp, what a retard"
  17. [b]stupid, repetitive, or extremely damaging pranks:[/b]
  18. "I unplugged my friend's mouse at school and they had to call over a teacher, I'm so cool"
  19. "I told my friend to delete system32 and he did lmfao"
  20. [quote=Daijitsu]
  21. [quote=shadowsniper873]Okay my turn. The idiot for our school's IT "department" (as they like to call it) gave me an admin account on the school network,(because he is retarded and thinks I wont notice) so I decide to fuck up everyone's files. Since everyone's files show up on the network drive, I delete everything from the word documents and copy and paste "I am a cock sucking fag!" and made every shortcut to a webpage "Rick Rolls" (since we are working on HTML there were about 5 on each account) and I delete all the files on the teachers account and replaced it with porn. So after i do all that shit we couldn't use any computers because "A virus got into the system and now we have to format them" (they format the computers every few weeks)[/quote]
  22. And now every student who's files you just destroyed has to re-do their homework IF they have the time, possibly losing valuable information and weeks worth of hard time and effort. Teachers often ignore computer failure and file deletion as 'avoidable' and say you should have backed up your files and it's your own fault for losing it.
  24. Now we have several students with otherwise good grades getting a massive dent in their records, losing several points on their GPA, potentially losing just enough (depending on the scale of the project you just fucked up 'for the lulz') to be denied future admissions to colleges, universities, jobs, and other high-profile opportunities that required him to get an A in a specialty class, but their final project worth that wonderful 10 to 20% of their final grade just got replaced with the text "I am a cock sucking fag!" and they e-mailed it out to their teacher without looking for such a freak change in their past two months' worth of work.
  26. Their teacher, outraged by the 'obvious' act of defiance, fails them not only for the paper, but potentially marks them down even further, giving detention or suspending, or outright planting a 0 on their final grade.
  29. but hey, at least you got a few rickrolls in, right?[/quote]
  31. [b]Blind hatred or fanboyism:[/b]
  32. People who say Macs suck are stupid and wrong
  33. People who say PCs suck are stupid and wrong
  34. "Macfags suck because apple sucks and they think they're better rage rage rage."
  35. "PC sucks cuz Mac is better."
  37. [b]Remember, tech illiterates ACT like they know things, but don't.[/b]
  39. It's fun when they actually follow their own advice on tech when they have NO clue what they're doing, like the one guy who said "My keyboard broke, so we bought a new computer because it was easier", or just general idiocy, like the one 8.5 minute rant that, in short, was "PC cost too much for gaming, spend the money on consoles and TVs because I don't want to be locked away in a room, so buy a mac. OSX MOTHAFUCKAAA"
  41. He actually peaced-out with "OSX." *gangsta-face*[/release]
  43. [release]:siren:  [b]RULES BY WINGLESS[/b] :siren:
  45. Seriously guys, It's getting old, We have many threads for these no more of this fucking bullshit.
  46. Your speed test shit goes [url=][HERE!][/url] and your question shit goes [url=]HERE![/url] the rest of the shit you can find yourself, here use this handy search link [url=][HERE][/url]
  48. If a thread title, creator or banner has been agreed on, don't be a dick. Don't fuck it over with your own shit because it just pisses the users off and we have enough of that already, We've had far too many fucked over threads. If by chance you have done this, you are OBLIGED to fix it.[/release]
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  53. [b]Previous topics[/b]
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