Game no Shokutaku 189 Dark Souls 3/5

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  1. Translated from japanese Internet Radio
  2. Game no shokutaku # 189 (3 of 5)
  3. Aired : 2011/12/15
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  8. Dark Souls Producer : Miyazaki Hidetaka (P)
  9. Host : Isomura Tomomi (I)
  10. Editor in chief / Script : Murohashi (M)
  12. ==========
  13. "Game no Shokutaku" is a casual internet radio talk show that invites game staff
  14.  to talk about their game. Presented by Biglobe
  16. This time questions from the listeners submitted by twitter.
  18. *in the first episode Miyazaki appologized about the problem with net play.
  19. I might translate that episode if there is a demand
  21. **Not Direct and Complete translation (interpretted translation), by kaelsmith
  22. ==========
  24. Episode 2 part 2  (3 of 5)
  25. *Episode 2 has two parts
  27. ==========
  29. (I): Moving on the Other category. Does the enemies get stronger up to 8 game cycles this
  30.         time too.
  31. (P): I think it was, I don't know for sure but it should be the same as the last game. I
  32.         don't remember it off the top of my head
  33. (M): It's around that number
  34. (P): Its around 7 or 8
  36. ~ 0:19
  38. (I): Why didn't you include an Opening movie, I wanted to say "Ah Aaaa".
  39. (P): The opening movie as in start. Where it plays on the title screen. It wasn't included
  40.         because this time the movie included the story. In the last game where it was a
  41.         "slideshow" became the CG movie. So we just didn't make an opening movie, you
  42.         probably didn't want to hear that. (laughing)
  43. (IM): I see
  44. (P): I understand the desire to say "Ah, Aaa"
  45. (M): It was impressive
  46. (I): It did leave quite an impression
  48. ~ 0:54
  50. (I): What is up with the npcs that attacks you while you are human? Why do they fight with
  51.         you when you beat them?
  52. (P): The red invaders
  53. (M): thats it
  54. (P): Various reasons, its treated as an another player. The red invaders are like other
  55.         players. For example the red guy who keeps invading
  56. (M): Kirk
  57. (P): The guy with the thorns, Kirk of thorns is a member of the egg princess (chaos
  58.         servant) and hes trying rob humanity to offer. If you kill him for the last time
  59.         his corpse will be near the eggs and you can loot it.
  60. (M): The armor
  61. (P): Yes, thats the reason why hes dead there
  62. (IM): i see
  63. (P): Each one has an image story.
  64. (I): So is there a reason for the bikini?
  65. (P): ehh, Mildred?
  66. (I): Yes Mildred
  67. (MP): haha
  68. (I): Why is she wearing a bikini
  69. (M): It makes you wonder. She also wear a sack over her head
  70. (P): lol. I don't know if this is the best way to put it but Mildred was created on impulse.
  71. (IM): Ahhh
  72. (P): We liked it. I think somebody was using it. He was invading during debugging and we were shocked. "Who are
  73.         you?". We got the data and added some background as the insane lady of the swamp. It was also in the
  74.         last with the butcher knife, it's the same idea.  
  75. (M): That was such a terrible place
  76. (P): Partial like a cameo.
  77. (MI): That was a girl?
  78. (P): Yes.
  79. (I): It reminds me of those murdering chefs in the B movies
  80. (P): Thats right. Also the enemy cook is a girl too.
  81. (I): I was told it was a lady. I thought it was a man
  82. (M): But she say "Uuuuugh"
  83. (I): Yeah yeah because of the "Uuuugh" I thought it was a man too.
  84. (P): It was set as a she from the beginning
  85. (M): Oh
  86. (P): It was written somewhere
  87. (M): Shocking...
  88. (I): I was told
  89. (P): Its a lady
  90. (M): So when it drops "sack" it good to sniff sniff.
  91. (P): Yes yes yes
  92. (I): You can sniff sniff? But she isn't cute
  93. (P): You don't know her face
  94. (M): She might be cute, who knows
  95. (P): Shes a lady
  97. ~ 3:28
  99. (I): During Development was the whole team thinking of how the players will die with a grin?
  100. (P): Thats, not the case. I sometimes get this question from foreign media, and I answered to them. I was asked
  101.         why are you so sadistic?
  102. (I): haha
  103. (P): I don't know about the other staff members but I am actually a Masochist. (Sexy WoW~)
  104. (IM): lol
  105. (P): I a huge Masochist.  (Sexy WoW~). So when I make games it about how I want to be treated. (happy melody)
  106. (I): lol
  107. (M): oooooh
  108. (P): I want to be killed this way.
  109. (I): AMAZING
  110. (P): I want to be killed like this, that how I make it.
  111. (I): Thats really extreme masochism
  112. (P): Its just that sometimes other people don't understand it, its for my pleasure
  113. (M): Really? You want to be killed deep in the forest by getting punched by a huge mushroom.
  114. (P): Yes yes. And the curse area... When I get cursed.. (holding outbursts)
  115. (I): You want to dash though a barrage of arrows
  116. (P): It's gratifing. (happy Melody) Its like that, I just wanted to emphasize that.
  117. (M): Amazing
  118. (P): I don't know about the other staff members' fantasies but I am not making it from a sadistic stance, its
  119.         from a masochistic I want this done to me.
  120. (IM): oooo. Amazing
  121. (P): Its actually like that
  122. (IM): Amazing.
  123. (P): I got some strong response from the foreign media, they said "what the hell are you talking about"
  124. (MP): hahahah
  126. ~ 5:09
  128. (I): About the NPCs and Enemy characters. What is your favorite and staff favorite NPC?
  129. (P): My favorite is Solaire. We don't take surveys on favorite characters but from talking to recording
  130.         director in London and translators he seems to be popular. The staff seems to like him cause he's a
  131.         good guy. I like him the most.
  133. ~ 5:42
  135. (I): There are many unique NPCs but is the blue guy, crestfallen guy a tradition? Is it demon's souls
  136.         *pure literature (see notes)
  137. (P): I don't understand what he means by demon's souls *pure literature
  138. (IMP): lol
  139. (M): Is it cliche, beauty of form
  140. (P): I want to make it a beauty of form. I believe I will be making more titles but I thinks its okay to have
  141.         some quirkiness. I think there is some fun in having expected things and it would be nice if it
  142.         become beauty of form or whatever demon's pure literature
  143. (M): I see
  144. (P): Its convinient, its an easy way to tell some hints.
  146. ~ 6:23
  148. (I): About Mr. Solaire, isn't it impossible to finish his story if you play normally.
  149. (P): Yes
  150. (I): Yes...
  151. (M): Its impossible to go without hints.
  152. (P): Yes, for Solaire there is a shortage of hints in general. To be able to fight with him at the end was
  153.         pretty much like a secret. We expected Solaire to be taken over by the sunlight maggot as the norm.
  154.         But this as well as others the conveying of hints is a subject we need to work on. This is an another
  155.         reflection but there should be some meaning to achieving goals and tasks, walking to a location and
  156.         this includes map as well. There should be more ways to present them, and its my personal theme. I
  157.         think there are more ways to do that, but that doesn't mean a simple thing like give out a map.
  158.         Instead more skillfully. As for Solaire its a secret, and I think the happiest ending for him is to
  159.         die by become the sun.
  160. (IM): fufufu
  161. (P): He is happy. he found his sun.
  162. (M): I haven't gotten to the end so what happens?
  163. (P): If you kill the sunlight maggots I think he can fight with you at the last boss. And after that he links
  164.         the fire in his own world.
  166. ~ 8:17
  168. (I): Patches
  169. (P): He is not the same Patches
  170. (I): He is not the same Patches from Demon's Souls
  171. (P): Parallel character
  172. (I): Then Gold Y*rt
  173. (M): pfff
  174. (I): Its written as Gold Y*rt
  175. (P): Whats up with Gold Y*rt
  176. (M): hahahah
  177. (P): The name is going to far (copyrights)
  178. (I): Thats not his name...
  179. (MP): Lautarec
  180. (I): This seems obvious but is he a cliche like the blue guy?
  181. (P): It is a easter egg but more like service to Demon's Soul players. He does have an shotel.
  182. (I): He looks suspicious
  183. (P): Indeed, his armor is one of my favorites. Armor that hugs you
  184. (I): I really didn't want this guy near me
  185. (P): He can laugh, "ku ku ku" I like him.
  187. ~ 9:15
  189. (I): Quelaana, **** that likes Quelaana. Is Quelaana single? Does she have a boyfriend? Did she go
  190.         out with Zalaman?
  191. (P): The hell is this?
  192. (M): HAHHAAHAH
  193. (P): What is this?
  194. (M): Its a question
  195. (P): As for boyfriend, I don't think she has a boyfriend...
  197. (P): Zalaman is not like that, he's an apprentice. There is nothing like that. First of all there are
  198.         different species. Quelaana is a daughter of Izalalith and a species like that so it comes
  199.         down to if reproductive actions are even possible.
  200. (I): It could be platonic love.
  201. (P): Well it may be. **** that loves Quelaana may very well be that way.
  202. (IMP): lol
  203. (P): Basically they are different species, and she is no doubt a good character. If you go to Romance
  204.         possiblities, of all the female characters she quite desirable.
  206. ~ 10:42
  208. (I): About Logan. Freke from Demon's Souls was in a place easy to step on, and I step on Logan a lot
  209.         too. Is it destiny for sages to be stepped on? Is this part of Demon's Souls Pure
  210.         Literature?
  211. (P): hah. Oh, yea. Lets just make it so.
  212. (IM): lol
  213. (M): Its beauty of form
  214. (P): Beauty of form
  216. ~ 11:03
  218. (I): Why is Logan naked when he goes hollow? Is it because he got so excited after unravelling the
  219.         secrets of the crystals?
  220. (P): This is at the end where you fight him instead of Seath, why is he naked. Why is he nude? I
  221.         wonder? He may have achieved enlightenment.
  222. (I): haha
  223. (P): I wanted to show that he "opened" (jp expression of achieving enlightenment. literally open to
  224.         understanding).
  225. (M): Something "opened"
  226. (P): Something "opened", I wanted to show that something "opened". There is limitation to expressing
  227.         that within the game so... he stripped.
  228. (I): Nude.
  229. (P): He's still wearing a hat so its confusing but something "opened"
  230. (M): There is an openess to it.
  231. (P): There is an openess to it, something unordinary. Liberating, an eye opening. Something like that
  232. (I): We didn't need clothing (Sexy voice)
  233. (P): Exactly. Clothes, um whatever it is. I don't know because I haven't "opened" up yet.
  234. (IM): I see
  236. ~ 12:15
  238. (I): I dark hand R2 to suck souls from the wizard youngster a lot but why does blue *NEET
  239.         (crestfallen dude) become hostile so fast. I wanted to suck suck drool the blue NEET.
  240. (P): I'm sorry
  241. (IMP): LOL
  242. (P): What else but sorry can I say? I did not know there was such a desire.
  243. (I): I see, there are various people with various fetishes.
  244. (P): I think it was by a good guynees, how much damage to turn hostile. Thats what I gave my team. I
  245.         was asked how what standard do we base it on, I answered good guyness. So Blue NEET is not
  246.         a good person or a very tolerant man. If he gets damaged a little he will become hostile.       Also it does have damage.
  247. (I): Thats why you cant suck suck drool
  248. (M): Its true, I tried it. You can suck the wizard youngster 3 times and he will still talk to you.
  249. (I): Thats impressive
  250. (P): He's a good man
  251. (M): Very good man.
  252. (P): Thats is strange though. Normally you would think he should go hostile after 1 time, what you're
  253.         doing is a bit too far.
  254. (I): he is feeling ecstacy. (sexy voice)
  255. (M): while saying "hey stop"
  256. (P): And he doesn't change his attitude.
  257. (IM): Good person
  259. ~ 13:46
  261. (I): Boobie Queen, Spider Princess, and *Otoko no Ko Gwondolin each has their own covenants but why
  262.         doesn't Priscilla chan have her own covenant? Boobie lover, mutant lover and otoko no ko lovers
  263.         have covenants to vow to, but its wrong that we gentlemen have no place to vow. stare.
  264. (P): When its written this way it sounds like a date-sim game. Boobie Queen... oh Gwynemere. Spider queen
  265.         and Otoko no ko...  oh.
  266. (IM): ha...
  267. (P): The reason Priscilla doesn't have a covenant, well there are many. The inside story is she was
  268.         initially the heroine.
  269. (M): OH!
  270. (P): Now we have the fire keepers but that was her role. There was a time when she was the first heroine
  271.         you meet, and it was like that for a while. And back then it wasn't about covenants but more like
  272.         the fire keeper in the previous title. It was like that for a while. Then later on we couldn't
  273.         make more covenants. There is a theme about big women, thats why Boobie Queen is so large.
  274.         That's why Priscilla is big too. Kinda wanted to do a Big Girl Moe~. We couldn't do that though.
  275.         Otoko no ko...
  276. (IM): lol, this is...
  277. (P): His voice is clearly male. I don't know why he called Otoko no Ko?
  278. (M): That's what they thought of I guess...
  280. ~ 15:39
  282. (I): Oolacile and Sieglinde bursts out from the Golden Crystal Golem in a satisfying way. Why does it
  283.         it seem so satisfying. Its said that its cozy in there but how is it really like in there?
  284. (P): Well was it better if it was disgusting?
  285. (IM): lol
  286. (P): There is absolutely no problem with it being pleasing. As for being cozy, ah it was said. I imagined
  287.         it to be something like cold-sleep or in a womb. It's one of them. I think it would be pretty
  288.         pleasant with all your senses shut off. But Sieglinde is saying so to show her offbeat nature
  289.         like her father Siegmeyer.
  291. ~ 16:42
  293. (I): Dusk of Oolacile's summon sign is hard to find, even though she says to summon her. Does she
  294.         actually want to be summoned or she is trolling us? She says she wants to reward you but is she
  295.         laughing behind our backs?
  296. (P): That is not true.
  297. (MP): lol
  298. (P): No she not. I need to clear up this misunderstanding. She is a very pure character so don't try to
  299.         make her look bad.
  300. (M): Good person
  301. (IP): Good person
  302. (P): There was a removed event in early development where you get summoned to Oolacile's world, her story
  303.         was that she came from the old kingdom. So there was a quest to rescue her in the old kingdom
  304.         after you get summoned. But it disappeared rather quickly. (Sad Gong~)
  305. (IMP): hahahaha
  306. (P): "There is no way we can do that!". The forest, I wanted to make an old forest where its bright, and
  307.         the ruins restored back to buildings. So it the old Oolacile forest and you get summon by dusk
  308.         of Oolacile and do some kind of quests was planned but it suddenly disappeared. Shes a
  309.         character I liked so much that I was thinking about events so stop the slander.
  314. --notes
  315. *pure literature - Jp literature style. Emphasis on artistic beauty and form as opposed to targetting mainstream audiences and commerciality.
  317. *NEET - (Not in Education, Employment or Training) basically a person who does nothing productive or
  318.         or trys to be be productive.
  320. *Otoko no ko - 男の娘, basically a "cute" boy that looks like a girl. A new fetish of sorts. a
  321.         transvestite. (could be weird, executive, or whatever).
  323. *Moe - cute, awww
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