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  1. EbonyNox: Jasmine Renault sat ensconced on her command throne upon the battle barge known as Invictus. As the battle barge continued its implacable march across the stars along with its escort of several other imperial vessels of various types ranging from gunboats to battleships of archiac designs and specifics. The Invictus was the largest vessel of the fleet next to the battleships. Each vessel in the fleet was armor to the teeth so speak. As Jasmine Renualt sat upon her command throne she would speak in a flat tone while the battle barge pulled into orbit above the planet. “Ready the lances and Macro cannons for bombardment.” The crew on the bridge of the titanic battle barge would relay her orders to the gun crews scattered through out the titanic vessel. Once the battle barge and escorting fleet had set up in orbit creating an effective blockade the Battle barge would move low into the atmosphere in preparation for the bombardment of the arena. As one unit sixteen Macro cannon turrets would rotate to target the arena before firing as one sending a full broadside salvo screaming down into the atmosphere. The shells of the sixteen macro cannons would weigh close to thirty thousand pounds and where as wide as five semi trucks parked side by side while carrying enough explosives in their tips to level an entire city block with one shell. As the shells sped down towards the arena Jasmine would rise from her command throne before turning to face the command crew of her battle barge before speaking once more. “You all do the imperium proud. Carry on.” Once the sixteen shells had reached their programmed altitude they would all detonate as one a thousand feet from the ground raining down torrents of molten steel and creating a massive blast wave that would completely level the arena leaving nothing but rubble and dust. Silently Jasmine would continue her trek from the bridge of her vessel before walking into the dorsal hanger of her titanic battle barge. As she walked into the hanger she would call out while starting to run diagnostics on her ceramite armor to assure herself all was as it should be. “Ready the drop pods our vengeance is now!” This caused a whole flurry of activity while the drop pods where primed and loaded into their launch tubes over the space of several hours. Once this was completed Jasmine Renault would step into her drop pod before locking herself into the cradle designed for an Adeptus Sororitas member. As an Adeptus Sororitas member Jasmine was similar to the Adeptus Astartes as she had the same glands and alterations made to her feminine form. Her power armor was able to shrug off small caliber rounds with ease as well being extremely heat resistant allowing her to shrug off even the hottest of flames though extended exposure to heat would begin to slowly compromise her ancient and well maintained armor. She was the epitome of warriors that the imperium could field in combat as she was extremely skilled in hand to hand combat as well as in the use of the bolter which was currently firmly grasped in her armored hands. The bolter she carried had a thirty round magazine while Jasmine Renault carried another sixteen of these magazines around her waist. Silence would reign supreme as Jasmine Renault peered at the display with her jade green eyes noting that the target had been completely leveled and nothing remained aside from rubble and broken stone. This would bring a satisfied smile to the Adeptus Sororitas Cannoness’s face which was rather rare and hardly seen. After reviewing the devastation caused by the bombardment she would speak into her vox unit. “Launch the first wave.” After she had spoken the drop pod would seal itself shut against the vacuum of the void before being sent rocketing down away from the Invictus through space and into the atmosphere. As the drop pod entered the atmosphere it would leave a burning trail in its wake while creating a keening scream that would be head for many miles as it continued it descent. Silently Jasmine would ride the bucking bronco that was the drop pod towards the devastated arena before the drop pod fired its retro jets and slammed into the ground throwing up a dust cloud as it made contact. The second the drop pod had landed the doors would slam down into the ground before Jasmine charged out with her bolter at the ready and finger on the trigger ready for any threat. However Jasmine was not just an ordinary adeptus sororitas warrior but she was also blessed with psychic gifts allowing her to do a great many more things that many others in her order could not. As Jasmine charged from the drop pod she would remain oddly silent before mag locking her bolter to her right armored greave and narrowing her jade green eyes as she looked around. <c>
  2. EbonyNox: Something was not right and it made her pause in her righteous vengeance before she noted a single woman standing among the rubble of the arena which in itself was a surprise to Jasmine as few lived through an imperial orbital bombardment. Silently she would reach for the chain sword that rested at her left hip before thumbing the power stud and with a keening roar the micro motor spooled the chain blade to life causing it to blur such was the speed the chain blade was being rotated around the entire blade of the sword. The chain sword measured four and half feet long and weighed close to one hundred pounds of adamantium. Though this weight was nothing to Jasmine who was capable of lifting two and a half tons while within her power armor though that amount was halved while she was without her power armor thanks to her massively enhanced body and the amount of muscle she now had compared to to a normal human she was a behemoth and rather intimidating. Though she was surprised such a being had somehow survived the orbital bombardment she would refuse to let her guard down before she prowled forward with her chain sword purring in the background. As she closed the distance between the two she would keep herself aware of her surrounding and ready to react if another threat presented itself. However though it was unlikely she would be caught off guard thanks to her greatly enhanced senses as well her inhuman reaction times thanks to the millenia of warfare and training she had endured in service to the god emperor of Man Kind. <e>
  4. iZiru: Cilaena smiled as the woman tried to grab her arm. she saw that there was no shielding this time. Thanks to Cilaena's inverted grip, the saber naturally protected her arm as it was always in front of her arm when she slashed. She called on the Force to drive the blade even quicker. As soon as the weapon made contact with the woman's hand, it tore through it with ease. Given that the armor that protected the woman was thick, it provided a bit of resistance, but not enough to slow or stop Cilaena's lightsaber. With the Force powering her downward strike, Cilaena ripped along the side of the woman's arm the golden blade peeling through metal, flesh and bone, until it slammed into the woman's left ribs, which were now exposed when she raised her hands. The blade immediately cut into the armor, leaving a long, glowing red/yellow gash of split metal. Still maintaining her momentum through the Force, the lightsaber cut through the woman's ribs even easier, and through her heart. There was no blood as her saber tore through her opponent, the properties of the weapon immediately cauterized wounds upon touch. With a final sweep, Cilaena thrust the weapon downward, into the woman's sternum before spinning away, towards the middle of the Valkyrie. This movement jerked the woman down, face first into the spot she'd been crouched to reach the gun that was now seven feet in the other direction. As she did this, the sound of wrenching metal groaned and sizzled under the intense properties of the weapon. The whole process took only two seconds to complete, thanks to her bolstering in the Force. By the time Cilaena withdrew the blade in her spin, she would be standing 3 feet from her now fallen opponent. Cilaena returned to her neutral position, the blade angled behind her in it's inverted grasp. Her face was solemn as she looked upon her fallen foe. "Your fight is over, rest now in the Force."
  6. EbonyNox: Jasmine remained silent as she reacted with an inhuman speed and spinning herself away from the attack though her left arm was now useless to her as it had been about half up her arm by the time she reacted and spun away from the attack. Silently Jasmine would survey the female before she closed her eyes and opened herself to the warp allowing her left arm to slowly heal over the space of a minute before she opened her eyes and stared the female down. She would then reach with her remaining right arm to unsheath her power sword before thumbing the power stud which caused the distortion field to crackle to life and coat the blade in its entirety. Silent Jasmine would remain as her med kit activated and pumped pain killers into her system dampening the searing pain she now felt along with another dose of combat stimulants to further gird her against the pain. Though Jasmine had not spoken she would raise a her left brow slowly in an open invitation to come and try again. Though as Jasmine waited for the female make her next move she would slowly start to draw her psychic power inwards. As she drew upon her Psychic powers the only give away that she was doing such a thing would be the dim glow in her jade green eyes which at this point was barely noticable at this point in time as she stood still as a stone statue. The Adepta Sororitas Cannoness would continue to draw upon her psyker gifts while standing there with power sword in her hand and held in a guarded position ready for the next move the woman might make.
  8. iZiru: Cilaena smiled again. It seemed the battle would truly begin, now. She Force-pulled her second saber into her right hand and it blasted to life, settling into a low hum. She also held this one in an inverted grip, angled behind her. The two three foot blades angled behind her, the tips almost touching. She shifted into the stance of Ataru, where the blades normally would be angled towards the ground. She held the hilts as such, but her inverted grasp caused them in instead cross behind her, creating a display of golden sparks and the sound of lightsabers grinding against one another. Her feet were shoulder width apart. She now surrounded herself with the Force, preparing for a much faster pace of combat. Cilaena watched the woman, noting that there was a shift in her power. Cilaena wouldn't wait around to find out. Now, she relied on her agility and battle precognition. Cilaena dashed forward, with such speed it sounded as if the air clashed with itself, creating a low rumble. This was nothing more than the force in motion. Cilaena leaped onto the wall of the Valkyrie, only staying there for half a second before launching herself towards the adjacent wall. As she leaped, she spun like a tornado, her body parallel to the ground. She angled the lightsabers outwards, so they worked propellers. As she moved, the weapons hummed violently and loudly due to the speed at which they moved. The spinning motion and natural properties of the blade, cocooned her body in a yellow light, protecting her body from attack, until she stopped spinning. She would pass her opponent in this attack, in an attempt to slice through her multiple times with the blades.
  10. EbonyNox: Jasmine would remain perfectly still as she watched the woman bound towards her as she continued to draw upon her psyker powers which caused her eyes to glow brighter with each passing second. Though she stood still with the power sword in hand she made no move to dodge the attack as it came ever closer to her. A split second before the tornado of lethality made contact Jasmine would leap back away from the encroaching woman as she unleashed a roaring storm of flames to land a total of twenty feet away. This roaring storm of flames was ignited by her burning rage that centered in her very soul as her soul was the very ignition source. It seemed Jasmine had just unleashed a burning hell as she continued to remain silent. This firestorm would utterly consume the valkyrie before it was torn apart in a massive explosion as the flames reached the fuel cell and consumed everything with a fifteen foot radius. The heat of the firestorm was so great that even Jasmines armor would begin to blister and boil under the intense heat as she bounded away from the rapidly expanding firestorm. The firestorm would continue to expand outwards and upwards as Jasmine directed it to. If this didn’t end the woman Jasmine would scowl viciously before allowing the firestorm to die out and vanish while she started to breath heavily. It seemed this woman was a potent fighter and Jasmine was determined to come out the victor before she spoke into the Vox unit that she had called the valkyrie in with. “Send word to the inquisition in event of my death. It seems we’re fighting a two pronged war here...We’ll need their help. Also send my command squad to my location with all due haste.” It was quite clear that Jasmine was growing tired of fighting this pest and had decided to up the ante a fair bit and attempt to stack the odds in her favor as this woman was proving more trouble to deal with then she would like and so she had resorted to calling in aide which was rare for her. (3 turns until command squad arrives )
  12. iZiru: As Cilaena landed on the adjacent wall, she sensed the attack coming. She quickly bounded from the wall, towards the cockpit. She felt the fire racing behind her, starting to burn her back. Gritting her teeth, she sprang towards the windshield of the Valkyrie. She quickly launched both blades towards the thick glass, then used both hands, summoning a much more powerful force-push to slam against the slashed glass, shattering it. Her lightsabers were caught in the blast and flew from the vehicle. Cilaena had just exited the open hole of the windshield when the vehicle exploded, tossing her 10 feet through the air. She screamed as she was thrown through the air, landing on the field with a thud, before bouncing and rolling to a stop. Her suit protected her from the shockwave of the explosion and the impact of the ground, though she could still feel the burns of the fire at her back. "ugh.." As quickly as she could, she got to her feet and looked around for her weapons. Sensing the faint song of the kyber crysals within her weapons, she recalled them to her hands and ignited them simultaneously. Cilaena cursed under her breath. The woman managed to create distance, which Cilaena was constantly trying to prevent. Cilaena tried to ignore the burning sensation on her back. She was no seer, she couldn't heal herself. She'd have to have one of them tend to her wounds later. She looked at the now mass of burning steel that was once the Valkyrie. "Over kill, if you ask me.." She said to herself. Cilaena thought maybe it was out of desperation, which she could work with. The woman must not be used to injury in battle, not one so severe anyway. She's getting worried.. Cilaena skirted around the huge burning vehicle, looking for the woman.
  14. EbonyNox: Jasmine would grunt softly as the blast wave washed over her and buffeted her causing her to raise her hand to shield her eyes from any errant debris before she narrowed her eyes as she sighed softly. It pained her to intentionally destroy imperial vehicles but it needed to be done as a gambit to open suitable space between the two. Silently Jasmine would skirt the wreckage trying to buy time for her command squad to arrive and bring the woman to her knee’s. As Jasmine skirted the burning wreckage of the valkyrie she would draw once again on her psyker gifts causing her eyes to glow dimly once more as she began to compile psychic energy once more. The Adepta Sororitas Cannoness would continue to circle the burning wreckage while amassing the required psychic energies for another devastating attack. As soon as the female who had pressed and injured Jasmine showed herself to Jasmine she would not charge her but instead race off around the wreckage in an effort to keep the wreckage between themselves and force the other woman into making a mistake whatever it might be. As Jasmine raced away in a nimble blur she would smirk as she continued amassing the psychic energies she was privy to manipulating. Silently Jasmine would skid to a stop before going stone still and devoting her energies to compiling her psychic gifts while waiting for the woman to reveal herself once more.
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