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AutoLike With Google script

By: Arie182 on Jul 13th, 2013  |  syntax: None  |  size: 1.35 KB  |  views: 49  |  expires: Never
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  1. var robot={ cariBraha:10, FeedSaha:[ "MASUKAN UID PROFIL FB ANDA", ], tokenNya:[ {nama:"BlackBerry",token:"Masukan TOKET YG PERMANEN"} ] }; function tarikMang(almt,prop){ var a=UrlFetchApp.fetch(almt,{ muteHttpExceptions:true, method:"post", payload:prop }); var b=Utilities.jsonParse(a.getContentText()); return b; } function aduk(naon){ var a=naon.sort(function(){return 0.5-Math.random()}); a.reverse(); a=a.sort(function(){return 0.5-Math.random()}); return a; } function nyalaDonk(){ var a=aduk(robot.tokenNya); if(a[0].token==""){ robot.tokenSekarang=a[0].apptkn; }else{ robot.tokenSekarang=a[0].token; } var p=tarikMang("https://graph.facebook.com/me",{ method:"get", fields:"id", access_token:robot.tokenSekarang }); if(p&&p.id){ robot.uidSekarang=p.id; var b=aduk(robot.FeedSaha); robot.jitakFeed=b[0]; var q=tarikMang("https://graph.facebook.com/"+robot.jitakFeed+"/home",{ method:"get", fields:"id,likes,comments.fields(id,user_likes)", limit:robot.cariBraha, access_token:robot.tokenSekarang }); if(q&&q.data&&q.data.length!=0){ for(x in q.data){ var c="y"; var d=q.data[x]; if(d.likes&&d.likes.data&&d.likes.data.length!=0){ for(y in d.likes.data){ if(d.likes.data[y].id&&d.likes.data[y].id==robot.uidSekarang){ c="n"; break;} } } if(c=="y"){ var r=tarikMang("https://graph.facebook.com/"+d.id+"/likes",{ method:"post", access_token:robot.tokenSekarang }); } } } } }
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