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Play4Free Funds Generator Download

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  1. DOWNLOAD: http://cheatsempire.com/play4free-funds-generator/
  3. Recently all Play4free games have got new currency – Play4free funds and now with this “points” you can buy some features in Play4free Stores. So… I've created new tool for players who want to get Play4free funds for free.
  5. Play4free funds can be used in:
  7. - Battlefield Heroes
  8. - Battlefield Play4free
  9. - Lord of Ultima
  11. You can buy for example sets, boxes, new weapons and all other items on the Stores.
  13. It requires only your username and amount of funds to add. After 10-15 seconds you will get free Play4free Funds and you will can use it instantly in Stores.
  15. Play4free Funds Generator instruction:
  17. 1. Download the generator and run it
  18. 2. Enter the values (username and amount of funds to add)
  19. 3. Click the button
  20. 4. Wait 10-15 seconds
  21. 5. Funds will be on your account
  24. It requires Windows Xp/Vista/Seven, MAC or Linux and .NET Framework 4 (for windows).
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