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XMBPC Changelog v0.8 to v0.9

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  1. Complete XMBPC Changelog from v0.8 RC to v0.9 RC
  3. Fixed: Settings menu now closes correctly when starting something
  4. Fixed: Pictures menu now closes correctly when starting something
  5. Fixed: Music menu now closes correctly when starting something
  6. Fixed: Video menu now closes correctly when starting something
  7. Fixed: Games menu now closes correctly when starting something
  8. Fixed: "PS2 Games" folder now closes correctly when starting something
  9. Fixed: You should not more receive errors when closing a game
  10. Updated: PS Menu
  11. Updated: XMBPC Background (I will check the animation problems again tonight...)
  12. Fixed: XMBPC should not more crash when trying to change the theme and there's no theme in .\media\themes
  13. Fixed: PS Menu Background now fullscreen (there was a graphical bug on the right)
  14. Updated: "Check for updates" & "PS2 Games folder" icons will now change when changing the theme
  15. Fixed: PS2Loader did not start some games
  16. Fixed: PS2Loader should now recognize ALL games
  17. Fixed: Some graphical fixes on the Downloader
  18. NEW: PS1Loader, you can now start PS1 Games directly from XMBPC (.BIN FORMAT ONLY!!!).
  19. NEW: Now recognizes PS1 Game Discs (But they are not working yet, only manually)
  20. Updated: "PS2 Games" folder renamed to "PS2/PS1 Games", PS1 & PS2 games will be shown there
  21. NEW: Troubleshooting for new users
  22. PS2Loader: Disc supported improved, now recognizes really all games
  23. PS1Loader: Disc supported also improved, now recognizes all games
  24. Updated: Cross/Square/Circle buttons
  25. Added: Clock and notifications (Upper right)
  26. Fixes: Other minor fixes
  27. Updated:XMBPC now fullscreen
  28. PSLoaders: ISO support for PS2 & PS1 games improved
  29. Fixed: Some XMB browsing issues
  30. NEW: PSPLoader, you can now add ONLY .cso psp games (it uses less space and is fully compatible)
  31. Updated: "PS1 & PS2 Games" folder renamed to "PS1, PS2 & PSP Games"
  32. Updated: Setup improved (only allows adding the right type of files)
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