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  1. ;;; comidia-theme.el --- Comidia Color Theme
  3. (deftheme comidia
  4.   "Color theme by Marcelo Dias de Toledo, created 2001-12-17.
  5. Steel blue on black.")
  7. (custom-theme-set-variables
  8.  'comidia
  9.  `(linum-format " %7d ")
  10.  )
  12. (custom-theme-set-faces
  13.  'comidia
  15.  `(default ((t (:stipple nil :background "Black" :foreground "SteelBlue" :inverse-video nil :box nil :strike-through nil :overline nil :underline nil :slant normal :weight normal :width semi-condensed))))
  16.  `(bg:erc-color-face0 ((t (:background "White"))))
  17.  `(bg:erc-color-face1 ((t (:background "black"))))
  18.  `(bg:erc-color-face10 ((t (:background "lightblue1"))))
  19.  `(bg:erc-color-face11 ((t (:background "cyan"))))
  20.  `(bg:erc-color-face12 ((t (:background "blue"))))
  21.  `(bg:erc-color-face13 ((t (:background "deeppink"))))
  22.  `(bg:erc-color-face14 ((t (:background "gray50"))))
  23.  `(bg:erc-color-face15 ((t (:background "gray90"))))
  24.  `(bg:erc-color-face2 ((t (:background "blue4"))))
  25.  `(bg:erc-color-face3 ((t (:background "green4"))))
  26.  `(bg:erc-color-face4 ((t (:background "red"))))
  27.  `(bg:erc-color-face5 ((t (:background "brown"))))
  28.  `(bg:erc-color-face6 ((t (:background "purple"))))
  29.  `(bg:erc-color-face7 ((t (:background "orange"))))
  30.  `(bg:erc-color-face8 ((t (:background "yellow"))))
  31.  `(bg:erc-color-face9 ((t (:background "green"))))
  32.  `(bold ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  33.  `(bold-italic ((t (:italic t :bold t :slant italic :weight bold))))
  34.  `(border ((t (:background "black"))))
  35.  `(comint-highlight-input ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  36.  `(comint-highlight-prompt ((t (:foreground "cyan"))))
  37.  `(cursor ((t (:background "SteelBlue"))))
  38.  `(erc-action-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  39.  `(erc-bold-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  40.  `(erc-dangerous-host-face ((t (:foreground "red"))))
  41.  `(erc-default-face ((t (nil))))
  42.  `(erc-direct-msg-face ((t (:foreground "IndianRed"))))
  43.  `(erc-error-face ((t (:background "Red" :foreground "White"))))
  44.  `(erc-fool-face ((t (:foreground "dim gray"))))
  45.  `(erc-input-face ((t (:foreground "brown"))))
  46.  `(erc-inverse-face ((t (:background "Black" :foreground "White"))))
  47.  `(erc-keyword-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "pale green" :weight bold))))
  48.  `(erc-notice-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "SlateBlue" :weight bold))))
  49.  `(erc-pal-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "Magenta" :weight bold))))
  50.  `(erc-prompt-face ((t (:bold t :background "lightBlue2" :foreground "Black" :weight bold))))
  51.  `(erc-timestamp-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "green" :weight bold))))
  52.  `(erc-underline-face ((t (:underline t))))
  53.  `(fg:erc-color-face0 ((t (:foreground "White"))))
  54.  `(fg:erc-color-face1 ((t (:foreground "black"))))
  55.  `(fg:erc-color-face10 ((t (:foreground "lightblue1"))))
  56.  `(fg:erc-color-face11 ((t (:foreground "cyan"))))
  57.  `(fg:erc-color-face12 ((t (:foreground "blue"))))
  58.  `(fg:erc-color-face13 ((t (:foreground "deeppink"))))
  59.  `(fg:erc-color-face14 ((t (:foreground "gray50"))))
  60.  `(fg:erc-color-face15 ((t (:foreground "gray90"))))
  61.  `(fg:erc-color-face2 ((t (:foreground "blue4"))))
  62.  `(fg:erc-color-face3 ((t (:foreground "green4"))))
  63.  `(fg:erc-color-face4 ((t (:foreground "red"))))
  64.  `(fg:erc-color-face5 ((t (:foreground "brown"))))
  65.  `(fg:erc-color-face6 ((t (:foreground "purple"))))
  66.  `(fg:erc-color-face7 ((t (:foreground "orange"))))
  67.  `(fg:erc-color-face8 ((t (:foreground "yellow"))))
  68.  `(fg:erc-color-face9 ((t (:foreground "green"))))
  69.  `(fixed-pitch ((t (:family "courier"))))
  70.  `(font-lock-builtin-face ((t (:foreground "LightSteelBlue"))))
  71.  `(font-lock-comment-face ((t (:foreground "chocolate1"))))
  72.  `(font-lock-constant-face ((t (:foreground "Aquamarine"))))
  73.  `(font-lock-doc-face ((t (:foreground "LightSalmon"))))
  74.  `(font-lock-doc-string-face ((t (:foreground "LightSalmon"))))
  75.  `(font-lock-function-name-face ((t (:foreground "LightSkyBlue"))))
  76.  `(font-lock-keyword-face ((t (:foreground "Cyan"))))
  77.  `(font-lock-preprocessor-face ((t (:foreground "Aquamarine"))))
  78.  `(font-lock-reference-face ((t (:foreground "LightSteelBlue"))))
  79.  `(font-lock-string-face ((t (:foreground "LightSalmon"))))
  80.  `(font-lock-type-face ((t (:foreground "PaleGreen"))))
  81.  `(font-lock-variable-name-face ((t (:foreground "LightGoldenrod"))))
  82.  `(font-lock-warning-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "Pink" :weight bold))))
  83.  `(fringe ((t (:background "grey10"))))
  84.  `(gnus-group-mail-1-empty-face ((t (:foreground "aquamarine1"))))
  85.  `(gnus-group-mail-1-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "aquamarine1" :weight bold))))
  86.  `(gnus-group-mail-2-empty-face ((t (:foreground "aquamarine2"))))
  87.  `(gnus-group-mail-2-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "aquamarine2" :weight bold))))
  88.  `(gnus-group-mail-3-empty-face ((t (:foreground "aquamarine3"))))
  89.  `(gnus-group-mail-3-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "aquamarine3" :weight bold))))
  90.  `(gnus-group-mail-low-empty-face ((t (:foreground "aquamarine4"))))
  91.  `(gnus-group-mail-low-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "aquamarine4" :weight bold))))
  92.  `(gnus-group-news-1-empty-face ((t (:foreground "PaleTurquoise"))))
  93.  `(gnus-group-news-1-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "PaleTurquoise" :weight bold))))
  94.  `(gnus-group-news-2-empty-face ((t (:foreground "turquoise"))))
  95.  `(gnus-group-news-2-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "turquoise" :weight bold))))
  96.  `(gnus-group-news-3-empty-face ((t (nil))))
  97.  `(gnus-group-news-3-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  98.  `(gnus-group-news-4-empty-face ((t (nil))))
  99.  `(gnus-group-news-4-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  100.  `(gnus-group-news-5-empty-face ((t (nil))))
  101.  `(gnus-group-news-5-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  102.  `(gnus-group-news-6-empty-face ((t (nil))))
  103.  `(gnus-group-news-6-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  104.  `(gnus-group-news-low-empty-face ((t (:foreground "DarkTurquoise"))))
  105.  `(gnus-group-news-low-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "DarkTurquoise" :weight bold))))
  106.  `(gnus-splash-face ((t (:foreground "Brown"))))
  107.  `(gnus-summary-cancelled-face ((t (:background "black" :foreground "yellow"))))
  108.  `(gnus-summary-high-ancient-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "SkyBlue" :weight bold))))
  109.  `(gnus-summary-high-read-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "PaleGreen" :weight bold))))
  110.  `(gnus-summary-high-ticked-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "pink" :weight bold))))
  111.  `(gnus-summary-high-unread-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  112.  `(gnus-summary-low-ancient-face ((t (:italic t :foreground "SkyBlue" :slant italic))))
  113.  `(gnus-summary-low-read-face ((t (:italic t :foreground "PaleGreen" :slant italic))))
  114.  `(gnus-summary-low-ticked-face ((t (:italic t :foreground "pink" :slant italic))))
  115.  `(gnus-summary-low-unread-face ((t (:italic t :slant italic))))
  116.  `(gnus-summary-normal-ancient-face ((t (:foreground "SkyBlue"))))
  117.  `(gnus-summary-normal-read-face ((t (:foreground "PaleGreen"))))
  118.  `(gnus-summary-normal-ticked-face ((t (:foreground "pink"))))
  119.  `(gnus-summary-normal-unread-face ((t (nil))))
  120.  `(gnus-summary-selected-face ((t (:underline t))))
  121.  `(header-line ((t (:family "neep" :width condensed :box (:line-width 1 :style none) :background "grey20" :foreground "grey90" :box nil))))
  122.  ;; `(highlight ((t (:background "darkolivegreen"))))
  123.  `(highlight ((t (:background "#333300"))))
  124.  `(isearch ((t (:background "palevioletred2" :foreground "brown4"))))
  125.  `(isearch-lazy-highlight-face ((t (:background "paleturquoise4"))))
  126.  `(italic ((t (:italic t :slant italic))))
  127.  `(menu ((t (nil))))
  128.  `(message-cited-text-face ((t (:foreground "red"))))
  129.  `(message-header-cc-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "green4" :weight bold))))
  130.  `(message-header-name-face ((t (:foreground "DarkGreen"))))
  131.  `(message-header-newsgroups-face ((t (:italic t :bold t :foreground "yellow" :slant italic :weight bold))))
  132.  `(message-header-other-face ((t (:foreground "#b00000"))))
  133.  `(message-header-subject-face ((t (:foreground "green3"))))
  134.  `(message-header-to-face ((t (:bold t :foreground "green2" :weight bold))))
  135.  `(message-header-xheader-face ((t (:foreground "blue"))))
  136.  `(message-mml-face ((t (:foreground "ForestGreen"))))
  137.  `(message-separator-face ((t (:foreground "blue3"))))
  138.  `(modeline ((t (:background "Gray10" :foreground "SteelBlue" :box (:line-width 1 :style none) :width condensed :family "neep"))))
  139.  `(modeline-buffer-id ((t (:background "Gray10" :foreground "SteelBlue" :box (:line-width 1 :style none) :width condensed :family "neep"))))
  140.  `(modeline-mousable-minor-mode ((t (:background "Gray10" :foreground "SteelBlue" :box (:line-width 1 :style none) :width condensed :family "neep"))))
  141.  `(modeline-mousable ((t (:background "Gray10" :foreground "SteelBlue" :box (:line-width 1 :style none) :width condensed :family "neep"))))
  142.  `(mouse ((t (:background "SteelBlue"))))
  143.  `(primary-selection ((t (:background "blue3"))))
  144.  `(region ((t (:background "blue3"))))
  145.  `(scroll-bar ((t (:background "grey75"))))
  146.  `(secondary-selection ((t (:background "SkyBlue4"))))
  147.  `(speedbar-button-face ((t (:foreground "green3"))))
  148.  `(speedbar-directory-face ((t (:foreground "light blue"))))
  149.  `(speedbar-file-face ((t (:foreground "cyan"))))
  150.  `(speedbar-highlight-face ((t (:background "sea green"))))
  151.  `(speedbar-selected-face ((t (:foreground "red" :underline t))))
  152.  `(speedbar-tag-face ((t (:foreground "yellow"))))
  153.  `(tool-bar ((t (:background "grey75" :foreground "black" :box (:line-width 1 :style released-button)))))
  154.  `(tooltip ((t (:background "lightyellow" :foreground "black"))))
  155.  `(trailing-whitespace ((t (:background "red"))))
  156.  `(underline ((t (:underline t))))
  157.  `(variable-pitch ((t (:family "helv"))))
  158.  `(widget-button-face ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
  159.  `(widget-button-pressed-face ((t (:foreground "red"))))
  160.  `(widget-documentation-face ((t (:foreground "lime green"))))
  161.  `(widget-field-face ((t (:background "dim gray"))))
  162.  `(widget-inactive-face ((t (:foreground "light gray"))))
  163.  `(widget-single-line-field-face ((t (:background "dim gray"))))
  164.  `(zmacs-region ((t (:background "blue3")))))
  166. (provide-theme 'comidia)
  168. ;; Local Variables:
  169. ;; no-byte-compile: t
  170. ;; End:
  172. ;;; comidia-theme.el ends here
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