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  1. donmagicjuan:   you be here in next 10-15 min?
  2. donmagicjuan:   i need to deliver fast
  3. donmagicjuan:   then i want to talk to u
  4. Fortezza:       about what
  5. Fortezza:       ?
  6. donmagicjuan:   i did ask you a question
  7. donmagicjuan:   yes or no?
  8. donmagicjuan:   i brb i will tell you
  9. donmagicjuan:   ok i'm here
  10. donmagicjuan:   so we can talk to man to man
  11. donmagicjuan:   ready
  12. donmagicjuan:   /
  13. Fortezza:       yes
  14. donmagicjuan:   ?
  15. Fortezza:       i am tired atm. so not really in the mood for bullshit
  16. donmagicjuan:   good
  17. donmagicjuan:   well i just want to hear why i was ban and let me tell my side of story
  18. donmagicjuan:   if you still too tired then lets talk other day
  19. Fortezza:       why you interested in it now?
  20. donmagicjuan:   bcos i know it was your foult
  21. donmagicjuan:   so im curiuos is why?
  22. donmagicjuan:   lol
  23. Fortezza:       what you mean my fault?
  24. Fortezza:       what was my fault
  25. donmagicjuan:   yes it was dav
  26. Fortezza:       WHAT
  27. Fortezza:       was my fault
  28. donmagicjuan:   yes
  29. Fortezza:       ?
  30. Fortezza:       you trying to put words in my mouth?
  31. Fortezza:       don't try reverse psychology on me, I might be tired but not stupid
  32. donmagicjuan:   ok what you said that i did is i didnt done iesimple
  33. Fortezza:       fact is you cashed out dumps behind our back, and gave away promotions in return.
  34. Fortezza:       is that true or not don?
  35. Fortezza:       i wouldnt give a shit about it
  36. Fortezza:       if you just said
  37. Fortezza:       but you didn't.
  38. donmagicjuan:   nope not true
  39. Fortezza:       i asked , we gave you several hints
  40. Fortezza:       then why is your friend saying that
  41. donmagicjuan:   prove it plz
  42. Fortezza:       and transfer logs
  43. donmagicjuan:   not true
  44. Fortezza:       but anyway business is business, I don't feel anger towards you.
  45. donmagicjuan:   me neither
  46. Fortezza:       I am just a bit disappointed that you weren't completely honest with me, and the others.
  47. Fortezza:       I will look up all details
  48. Fortezza:       when I have time, we go sit for it
  49. donmagicjuan:   not true and i didnt have a 1 min to talk on forum remember???
  50. donmagicjuan:   all you did is ban
  51. Fortezza:       but what is it what you want
  52. donmagicjuan:   so where is the true and where is the rights ??
  53. Fortezza:       get the people who claimed to have done business with you in the name of kurupt
  54. donmagicjuan:   proves etc ?
  55. Fortezza:       we can make a group conversations.
  56. Fortezza:       group conversation
  57. Fortezza:       where we all can talk ;)
  58. Fortezza:       if that is what you want.
  59. Fortezza:       with the witnesses.
  60. Fortezza:       and proof
  61. donmagicjuan:   sure anytime
  62. donmagicjuan:   ;-)
  63. Fortezza:       but
  64. Fortezza:       queston
  65. Fortezza:       questio
  66. Fortezza:       What is your defense
  67. donmagicjuan:   you did listen to some fool and belive and you made huge mistake  by trusted person to even make admin then ban
  68. donmagicjuan:   shame on u
  69. donmagicjuan:   :-)
  70. Fortezza:       I believe we did what must be done. And we are still doing it.
  71. Fortezza: is getting more active again by day.
  72. Fortezza:       We are making better sales
  73. Fortezza:       We are having a better shop.
  74. Fortezza:       More solid programmers
  75. Fortezza:       More solid servers.
  76. Fortezza:       And best of all a solid machine of a team.
  77. Fortezza:       Like a swiss watch.
  78. Fortezza:       We are growing.
  79. Fortezza:       We are rehabilitating
  80. donmagicjuan:    
  81. ok stop right there for one min....
  82. Fortezza:       lol
  83. Fortezza:       Besides, Like I said before, Kurupt is not the only large carding site I ran the past 2 years.
  84. Fortezza:       As Megiddo, and you might have secret agenda's.
  85. Fortezza:       And held them the past 2 years so did I.
  86. donmagicjuan:   can i ask you a honest 1 question and the answer must be from your hear yes or no...?
  87. Fortezza:       I loved you as a brother, but I do feel betrayed.
  88. donmagicjuan:   me to i dont hate u
  89. donmagicjuan:   and i love u
  90. donmagicjuan:   2
  91. donmagicjuan:   are you ready for my question?
  92. donmagicjuan:   do you miss me as a admin to be near your side that spends 14hrs a day on forum to watching out  you brother???
  93. Fortezza:       I didn't care about you as a admin
  94. Fortezza:       I cared about you as a friend
  95. donmagicjuan:   well its not too late to be there Fortezza
  96. Fortezza:       be where?
  97. donmagicjuan:   ;-)
  98. donmagicjuan:   same position as you put me
  99. Fortezza:       and that is?
  100. donmagicjuan:   i will promise you it was fake
  101. donmagicjuan:   accusiation
  102. donmagicjuan:   taking crap
  103. donmagicjuan:   etc
  104. donmagicjuan:   i mean same position admin
  105. donmagicjuan:   just think i still like u
  106. donmagicjuan:   its your forum
  107. donmagicjuan:   you are the boss
  108. donmagicjuan:   but once again i do promise you it was wrong what you did bcos i did not steal dumps from u
  109. donmagicjuan:   yes i gave away to be tested if valid in store only
  110. donmagicjuan:   i never ask for 1 single lr
  111. donmagicjuan:   for that
  112. donmagicjuan:   just i need a result
  113. donmagicjuan:   thats it im done now you make
  114. donmagicjuan:   decission
  115. Fortezza:       but what decision
  116. Fortezza:       you want me to make
  117. Fortezza:       to reinstate you ?
  118. donmagicjuan:   yes
  119. donmagicjuan:   omfg
  120. donmagicjuan:   think i nevere ever rip anyone yes?
  121. Fortezza:       but why not stay at
  122. donmagicjuan:   but why not su?
  123. donmagicjuan:   omfg
  124. Fortezza:       their is a condition
  125. Fortezza:       if you choose .su
  126. Fortezza:       which is you re-consider your
  127. Fortezza:       religion
  128. Fortezza:       to
  129. Fortezza:       and in our religion their ain't no place for the .ru
  130. donmagicjuan:   so base on your answer if i gave up ru, then i'm welcome to su?
  131. Fortezza:       yes
  132. Fortezza:       thats a condition
  133. donmagicjuan:   and what my position will be ?
  134. Fortezza:       Moderator
  135. donmagicjuan:   let me think about it i do feel that the .su is more kurupt...
  136. donmagicjuan:   so yes i will accept
  137. Fortezza:  Good, let me talk to pac.
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