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ODEON Room Acoustics Combined Edition v11.23 cracked downloa

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  1.                               ODEON Room Acoustics Combined Edition v11.23
  9.             This is the full cracked tested version of the software. Download, extract, install, enjoy.
  10.                   Inside the archive you will find  everything you need to crack the software.
  11.                                                 Download link:                                          
  17. Acoustics Simulation Software
  20.     State of the art auralisation
  21.     ODEON algorithms for reliable results
  22.     Ease and flexibillity in room modelling
  23.     Optimized for high calculation speed
  25. ODEON software is developed for simulating the interior acoustics of buildings. Given the geometry and surface-properties, the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated in the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with ray tracing.
  28. Applications include
  30.     Concert and opera halls, theatres, churches and mosques
  31.     Open plan offices, foyers, restautants, music studios
  32.     Underground and railway stations, airport terminals
  33.     Industrial Environments, Outdoor areas with complicated geometry
  36. New Features in ODEON 11
  38. The upgrade for ODEON 11 contains important new features:
  40. Parallel processing, gives faster calculations on multicore computers.
  41. Fibonacci Spiral, a perfect distribution of source radiation pattern.
  42. Room acoustic parameter list, display results the way you want.
  43. User defined acoustic parameters, create your own parameters.
  44. ISO 3382-2 compliance, for analysing quality of decay in simulation.
  45. Calculation setup simplified, making it easier to predefine calculation setup.
  46. Automatic grid scaling improved, statistically based colour scaling and "data wash".
  47. Click to select point in grid, when you want to see results faster.
  48. Echo detection, find which receivers are disturbed by echo.
  49. Dynamic diffusion curve, shows how diffusion vary over time.
  50. Show only lost rays, for detection of holes in geometry during raytracing.
  51. Layer support for Extrusion modeller, better management of extrusion models.
  52. Automatic receiver direction for more user friendliness.
  53. Automatic saving of Sketchup model when making several versions of the same geometry.
  56. Parallel processing
  58. If the CPU on your computer contains more than one core the calculation of Grid- and Multipoint responses are using the power of the multi core CPU to achieve faster calculation. Up to 10 times faster calculations than version 10 on a computer with 4 cores. The more cores, the faster. The Fibonacci Spiral implemented in Version 11 has a great part of the honour of Odeon version 11 being much faster.
  61. Fibonacci Spiral
  63. Another enhancement to algorithms is that rays are radiated from point sources according to the Fibonacci spiral; the seeds in a Sunflower are ordered according to the Fibonacci spiral which allows the seeds to be packed in the most efficient way (at the smallest possible area) and, what is interesting for us, with the most even distance between the points (rays) on a sphere.
  65. Using a spiral to determine directions for ray radiation also ensures that there will be no precedence towards or away from e.g. horizontal rays. In earlier versions of ODEON, rays were ordered on a number of dishes or cones with stepwise elevation angles, which indeed gives an even distribution of rays when the ray number goes towards infinity - a problem with the 'dish' method is that it may or may not result in a large horizontal dish of rays which will overemphasize predicted flutter echoes in parallel walled rooms. The Fibonacci spiral is a small but significant change to the algorithms; the number of rays (reflections) needed in order to achieve a certain quality of results can be reduced by approximately 50%!
  69. Room acoustic parameter list
  71. With this customisation of results you only need to calculate and display the results interesting for your project. Acoustical projects are very different and ODEON users as well, so we have developed a way that you can customize the output to only contain the acoustical parameters that you want to analyze for a project - the Room Acoustic Parameter List.
  73. - Select which parameters you want to be visible in the result and how you want them to be presented. - Define which wide band parameters over different frequency bands you want to present e.g. SPL(A) or averages T20 (250 Hz -1000 Hz). The Room Acoustic Parameter list defines which result parameters will be shown in Single Point response, Multipoint response and Grid response.