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BoL Crack

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  1. Fighting Greed in the BoL Community!
  3.{BoL Developer Status Tool}
  5. I've grown sick of the level of greed that has developed in the BoL community. The popular thing these days seems to be devs making scripts, and then charging rediculous amounts of money to use them. And then acting like total elitist prima donnas about it. (Weee for instance)
  7. This tool will trick BoL studio in to thinking that your account has developer acess along with a number of perks that come with it. It should work for the forseeable future as spudgy would have to make some serious changes in BoL architecture to fix this method.
  9. Full acess to VIP functions as a free without having to pay monthly fee.
  10. Unlimited use of Custom Scripts as a free user.
  11. Use of paid developer scripts such as Evadeee CassWhooping RyzetotheChallenger Spider Woman Marksman's Mighty Assistant +MORE
  13. *Note: This tool will allow you to bypass the authentication that devs use to limit the use of their scripts to paying customers. However, you still have to get a copy of the script to use. Most devs link to these scripts in their forum posts.
  15. Instructions for use:
  16. 1. Make sure BoL studio is installed.
  18. 2. Run the Tool
  20. 3. When prompted point the tool at c:/users/your user account/appdata/roaming/bol/config.xml (you may need to show hidden files in windows)
  22. 4. Wait for the tool to finish.
  24. 5. Launch BoL Studio and enjoy your developer status.
  26. 6. (Optional) Spam link to this post in the BoL shoutbox for the lulz. (I reccomend a throwaway account for this)
  28.{BoL Developer Status Tool}
  31. BoL Crack
  32. Evadeee
  33. RTTC
  34. CassWhooping
  35. Evadeee Cracked
  36. Bot of Legends Crack.
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