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  3. Canopy Carnage
  4. Version 1.2H
  6. by Vechs
  8. ===============
  10. Hey everyone, Vechs here.  This is the sixth map in a series I make called SUPER HOSTILE.  In the spirit of I Wanna Be the Guy and Kaizo Mario World, these game maps will be very difficult.  It could be low amounts of a critical resource, or deviously placed monster spawners, traps, or just general dickery on my part, I want to take the normal Minecraft experience and really put pressure on the player.
  12. You can play this map as a normal Minecraft map that just takes place in a special environment and ignore the goals, AND / OR you can go after the goals in the map and try to complete the Victory Monument.  Although I guess your first goal would be to find the monument in the first place...
  14. I recommend Normal or Hard difficulty.  If you must wimp out, use Easy.  Never use Peaceful.
  16. I don't recommend mods... however, it's your game, play it as you wish - whatever is fun for you.  The only caveat is that if mods spoil the map somehow (too easy, too hard, ect.) or if mods crash your game, it's not my fault.
  18. Other than that, use whatever strategies or items you can to survive and progress - except for making Nether Portals and escaping the map area.
  20. Going into the Nether normally to aquire glowstone, slow sand, lava, and other resources is fine, though.  (If you can even make a working portal...)
  22. Additional notes:
  24. 1)  There are 16 chests in the map that contain required material for the Victory Monument.  Each of these chests are full of that material, but I recommend only taking a few (or just 1) block in case you die.  A chest holds 27 blocks of a goal material, so that is 27 chances to get the block back to the Victory Monument safely.  If you manage to screw up 27 times in a row, then you're boned - restart the map. (Delete and unzip a fresh version.)
  26. 1a)  I can't stop you from dying wool to get a specific color, but all the chests are out there, and if you dye the wool you lose out on the adventure of finding it, and your victory over the map will be a hollow victory.
  28. 2)  All of these chests are exposed to open air - they are not fully buried.  Although, they could be hidden in nooks and crevices.  The one exception to this is if you cause gravel or sand to fall - it could be possible to bury a chest - before you knock down sand or gravel, take a look around just in case.
  30. 3)  The chest with red wool is at the north-east corner of the map in a giant fortress.  Yeah, I just told you where it was.  Me, the guy who is all about difficulty.  If I'm just giving out hints, take a second and consider what that must mean concerning the difficulty in aquiring this wool.  In all seriousness, good luck.  You will need it.
  32. 4)  Hard rain.  Just sayin'.  >:)
  35. ==========================
  37. Installation:
  39. This 7zip file contains this Readme file, and the map save game folder.
  41. Move the folder entitled "Super Hostile - Canopy Carnage" to your Minecraft save folder.
  43. For me, this is :
  45. C:\Users\Vechs\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  47. Obviously you are not Vechs so your folder will be whatever your user name is.  The location of .minecraft\saves might be different depending on which operating system you have.  If you need help finding it, use the search function your operating system has. (Example: Start Menu -> Search -> Find Files or Folders)
  49. The important thing is to locate where .minecraft\saves is, and put the folder "Super Hostile - Canopy Carnage" into your \saves folder.
  53. ===============================
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