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  1. FIRST INTERNET!! Cracked, Latest Sheikh Crypter
  3. Screen: http://localhostr.com/file/vbGRrnS/Untitled.gif
  5. Download:
  6. http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0BYRSYLR/SheikhCrypter.zip_links
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?7qgm38icgxba29q
  8. http://depositfiles.com/files/lgnrisqdk
  9. http://mirrorafile.com/files/FE28NSYA/SheikhCrypter.zip
  10. http://uppit.com/xzsvefh9usy2/SheikhCrypter.zip
  13. Information:
  14. Sheikh Crypter is one of the easiest crypters with advanced features. Its coded from scratch in C#, so it will require .net Framework 2 at least for the crypted file. This should be no problem as 90%+ of the computers have this installed and every new OS will have this pre-installed.
  15. The crypter has been FUD from the day that I released it for testing. Thats almost 3 months and still going. The crypter uses CodeDom to make all the functions work and it stores the encrypted bytes in a unique way.
  16. The crypter is tested with some RATs and also offers EOF support for those. It works on all Windows OS including XP/Vista/Seven (Both x86 and x64). It successfully crypts Native files and Managed files (.NET) and can even bind them together.
  18. The advanced functions are easy to use and as the first crypter with built-in Live Support Chat, there is 24/7 support from either admins or customers.
  20. Sheikh Crypter is made to be simple and effective!
  21. The crypter is very easy, lightweight and straightforward.
  22. Features
  24. Crypts FUD Native & Managed
  25. Unlimited File binder – also binds native to managed (.NET)
  26. Crypt/Bind ANY file/extension (.mp3, .pdf, .wmv, images etc)
  27. Strong Polymorphic Encryption
  28. Works on all Windows OS (XP/Vista/Seven) Both x86 & x64
  29. CodeDom USG (automatic Unique Stub Generator) No similarity or less than 1% with equal files!
  30. Alternate Injections
  31. Automatic EOF detection & support
  32. Unlimited File Downloader (And Execute)
  33. Unlimited Website Visitor
  34. Assembly Changer (With saving)
  35. Prewritten Assembly information (+Generate)
  36. Icon changer (Steals Icon from exe or uses clean Icon File & saves it)
  37. File Pumper (Adds bytes)
  38. Extension spoofer (Any extension, .mp3, .gif etc.)
  39. Automatic stub Update
  40. Automatic version checker
  41. Add to Startup in two ways
  42. Startup Persistence
  43. Process Persistence
  44. Botkiller
  45. Compress Output
  46. Reflector Protection
  47. Delayed Execution
  48. Melt File
  49. Hide File
  50. Fake Message (And Preview)
  51. Antis
  52. Host Blocker (IP's & Websites)
  53. Custom kill process
  54. Custom Startup name
  55. Custom processname
  56. Automatic Output Obfuscation
  57. Output Extension Changer (.Exe, .Com, .SCR, .BAT, .PIF)
  58. Advanced custom HWID protection [Uncracked]
  59. Built-in Multi-Antivirus scanner
  60. Built-in Live Support Chat
  62.  Read about the Sheikh Crypter features.
  63.    With a description and how to use the features.
  65.  List of programs that are tested and working with this crypter / binder.
  66.    Including: RATs, Keyloggers, Loggers, Proxies and DDosers
  68. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=w3hLmmn5b3I
  69. http://www.buycrypter.com/fud-crypter/sheikh-crypter.php
  72. http://users.atw.hu/kiddieland/
  73. http://users.atw.hu/kiddieland/
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