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I Am Playr Cheat Hack 2012

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  1. I Am Playr Cheat Hack 2012
  3. Newest updated version, 100% tested and worked ! This tool is 100% FREE
  5. WORKING AS OF AUGUST 18, 2012
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?cia9wxmbs4bs8b8
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?cia9wxmbs4bs8b8
  12. IMAGE:
  14. http://adf.ly/AcolJ
  15. http://adf.ly/AcolJ
  17. ===================================================================================================
  19. I am Playr Facebook Cheats | I am Playr Hack
  21. Today we will be releasing I am Playr Cheat.Lets talk about new release, I am Playr Hack,we added features we thought will be useless while using our trainer. The frist feature is the unlimited coins, this is a useful feature for playing this game.The second feature allows you to add unlimited promo codes for free.
  23. How to use I am Playr Cheat:
  25. 1.) The first step for using I am Playr you need have facebook account.
  27. 2.) Open I am Playr Hack, and select amount of coins, and check box for promo codes
  29. 3.) After selecting your features, click Start Hack and wait few seconds.
  31. About I AM PLAYR:
  32. I AM PLAYR is the only football game to let you live the life of a superstar striker. It’s about the football… About honing your shooting skills and stepping onto the pitch to score the hat trick that takes your club to glory… And it’s about the fame… Step off the pitch and blow your money on girls, glamour, boy’s toys and big nights out with the lads. Play it right and you’ll have a shot at becoming the most valuable player out there. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself back in the boot room picking the mud out of someone else’s studs.
  33. ===================================================================================================
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