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Wyrmstooth Readme

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  1. *****************************************************************
  4.                     THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM
  5.                            WYRMSTOOTH
  6.                            Version 1.15
  9. *****************************************************************
  11. Index:
  12. 1. Manual Installation
  13. 2. Best Practice
  14. 3. Change List
  15. 4. F.A.Q.
  16. 5. Troubleshooting
  17. 6. Compatibility
  18. 7. Known Issues
  19. 8. Suggestions
  20. 9. Uninstallation
  23. *****************************************************************
  25.      1. Manual Installation
  27. *****************************************************************
  29. 1. Unzip the contents of wyrmstooth.zip to your Skyrim Data folder. Below is a list
  30.    of the default Skyrim installation locations:
  32.         C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  34.                         or for 64-bit Windows:
  36.         C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  38. 2. Confirm you have the following files in your Skyrim Data folder:
  40.         Wyrmstooth.esp
  41.         Wyrmstooth.bsa
  43. 3. Run the Skyrim Launcher and make sure Wyrmstooth.esp appears in Data Files and has
  44.    a tick next to it.
  46. 4. Start the game.
  48. 5. To begin the quest, wait for Theodyn Bienne to find you or speak to Lurius Liore at the
  49.    Bannered Mare in Whiterun once you meet quest starting requirements.
  52. *****************************************************************
  54.      2. Best Practice
  56. *****************************************************************
  58. - Keep a save from before you installed Wyrmstooth, just in case you need to roll back.
  59.   You should do this before installing any mod that contains script files.
  61. - Document any changes you've made to any ini files, or backup any ini files you modify.
  62.   If you've made any lod z-fighting ini tweaks you may want to consider reversing them
  63.   as they are known to cause infinite load screens both on Wyrmstooth and in the vanilla
  64.   game.
  66. - Always make sure Wyrmstooth is loaded AFTER the official DLC and unofficial patches.
  67.   When in doubt, load it as the last master file in your load list.
  69. - If you cannot find any Wyrmstooth NPCs in the Bannered Mare in Whiteru, DO NOT use
  70.   the placeatme console command to create a copy of any Wyrmstooth actors. Follow the
  71.   steps in the Troubleshooting section to make sure you've successfully loaded the mod.
  74. *****************************************************************
  76.      3. Change List
  78. *****************************************************************
  80. Please keep in mind this mod is being actively developed. If you would like to suggest a
  81. change, send me a message on the Skyrim Nexus or send an email to: wyrmstooth@gmail.com.
  83. 1.0 - Initial Release on Skyrim Nexus
  85. 1.1 - Added an SEQ file to fix dialog bug. No longer need to save and reload a save for
  86.       dialog to function properly.
  88. 1.2 - Removed an errant script on the dwemer elevator in the dragon's den that prevented
  89.       it from being used.
  91. 1.3 - Numerous object placement and lighting tweaks.
  92.     - Fixed the roombound issue in the Hall Of The Dead.
  93.     - Fixed an issue preventing the use of crafting benches after controlling the draugr.
  94.     - Added voice acting for Lurius Liore.
  95.     - Added a jail interior to barracks.
  96.     - Added an imperial camp to imperial landing area.
  97.     - Fixed door to The Hermit Inn not appearing once the questline is complete.
  98.     - Goreduster now resurrects more powerful NPCs.
  99.     - Added a new world map for Wyrmstooth with new map markers.
  101. 1.4 - Added new NPC specific armors and clothes.
  102.     - Fixed a problem that caused idle lines to override quest specific dialog.
  103.     - More object placement and lighting tweaks.
  104.     - Added the new location Cragwater Camp to the island.
  105.     - Redesigned the Wyrmstooth mine interior.
  106.     - SEQ file is now loaded from the BSA and not from a loose file.
  107.     - Added voice acting for Alberthor.
  108.     - Mercenaries now stay away from the player while Alberthor is casting the spell.
  109.     - NPCs no longer loiter at The Hermit inn indefinately.
  110.     - Athir, Daenlit and Shargam can now be hired after defeating Vulthurkrah.
  112. 1.5 - Added voice acting for Vulthurkrah and Theodyn.
  113.     - Added three new respawnable dwemer dungeons to Dimfrost.
  114.     - Fixed Dimfrost location and encounter information.
  115.     - Fixed more object placement problems.
  116.     - Various tweaks to quest scripting.
  117.     - Farm animals are now replaced once the town begins to rebuild.
  118.     - Daenlit is back to being a Wood Elf.
  119.     - Tweaked facegen data for the mercenaries.
  121. 1.6 - Added a new forest zone to the island.
  122.     - Added a new swamp zone to the island.
  123.     - Added a new glacier zone to the island.
  124.     - Added quest stage journal descriptions.
  125.     - Expanded the Wyrmstooth Mining Settlement.
  126.     - Added a new fort 'Fort Moonwatch' to the island.
  127.     - Added a new upgradeable player home 'Fort Valus' to the island.
  128.     - Fixed an issue that caused Vulthurkrah to return to Ancient's Ascent.
  129.     - Fixed more object placement problems.
  130.     - Fixed a potential crash at the Solitude docks caused by invalid navmesh.
  131.     - Fixed various other navmesh problems on Wyrmstooth.
  132.     - Fixed an issue that prevented Shargam from being recruited.
  133.     - Split Wyrmstooth Barrow into three separate interiors to resolve a memory issue.
  134.     - Fixed an issue that led to a trespass warning on the Red Wave.
  135.     - Fixed Dimfrost LOD land textures. Ground LOD was purple due to missing textures.
  136.     - Fixed Wyrmstooth object LOD textures. Some objects had incorrect an LOD texture.
  137.     - Fixed an issue that prevented Lurius from speaking after arriving at Wyrmstooth.
  138.     - Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from exiting his den properly.
  139.     - Fixed various AI scheduling issues.
  140.     - The Dragonborn is now added to the East Empire faction before recruiting.
  141.     - Fixed an issue preventing Vulthurkrah from using shouts.
  142.     - Initial release on Steam.
  143.     - Added Fort Valus staff to unique faction to prevent possible conflicts.
  144.     - Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from attacking during the final battle.
  146. 1.7 - Ambient music now plays correctly on Wyrmstooth.
  147.     - Added new music tracks for Wyrmstooth, Dimfrost and Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  148.     - Added a new side-quest 'Someone with Backbone'.
  149.     - Added a new side-quest 'A Howl Load of Trouble'.
  150.     - Added a new side-quest 'Retrieving Embersunder'.
  151.     - Added a new side-quest 'Robbed Blind'.
  152.     - Added a new side-quest 'Unwanted Guests'.
  153.     - Added a new side-quest 'Wrap Me Up'.
  154.     - Added a new side-quest 'Repaying a Debt'.
  155.     - Fixed an issue that caused the guards at Fort Valus to become hostile.
  156.     - No longer need to be bloodkin to recruit Shargam.
  157.     - Inserting goreduster into the slot now properly updates the journal.
  158.     - Additional quest markers for 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
  159.     - Expanded Alberthor's role in 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
  160.     - Added new shout 'Fiik Lo Sah' (Phantom Form) and 3 new word wall locations.
  161.     - Removed 'Boss' and 'Container' references to prevent radiant story assignment.
  162.     - Fixed a problem that allowed players to start the quest below level 10.
  163.     - Athir, Daenlit, Shargam and Elmera now have unique voice acting.
  164.     - Idle dialogue is now correctly configured.
  165.     - Reworked the Dimfrost worldspace.
  166.     - Added new Wyrmstone and Brimstone mineables.
  167.     - LOD resolution performance tweaks.
  168.     - Added map markers for travelling between Skyrim and Wyrmstooth.
  169.     - Fixed a camera issue when loading a save taken while controlling the draugr.
  170.     - Added update.esm dependency.
  171.     - Complete redesign of Fort Valus.
  172.     - Alberthor now ignores hostiles while casting the control spell.
  173.     - Tweaked occlusion around Wyrmstooth.
  174.     - Fixed a rare crash in Castle Dour Jail.
  175.     - Fixed a rare crash at Ancient's Ascent.
  176.     - Renamed script files with WT_ prefix to prevent clashes with other mods.
  177.     - Deleted redundant script files.
  178.     - Mod cleaned with TES5Edit.
  179.     - Added custom cloud layer to world map and tweaked camera positioning.
  180.     - The mercenaries now ignore all friendly fire from the player.
  181.     - Added playable instruments.
  182.     - Added new beverages.
  183.     - Added new harvestables.
  185. 1.8 - Fixed a navmesh problem near Cragwater Camp.
  186.     - Removed unused script references from Vulthurkrah and Thelma.
  187.     - Fixed issue with missing script file for playable instruments.
  188.     - Fixed several other papyrus errors related to errant script linkages.
  189.     - Added dialogue to skip mercenary recruitment stage.
  190.     - Gave Lurius several new lines of conversation dialogue.
  191.     - Fixed possible AI conflicts with Lurius when arriving at Wyrmstooth.
  192.     - No longer need to sleep on Red Wave to travel to Wyrmstooth.
  193.     - Fast travel map markers are now enabled upon arrival at Wyrmstooth.
  194.     - Fixed a problem with the water level activator in the Luminatory.
  195.     - Added a variety of new spells.
  196.     - Reduced audio distortion on Elmera and Shargam's voice acting.
  197.     - Fixed an issue preventing follower dismiss dialogue from appearing.
  198.     - Added random encounters around the island.
  199.     - Added a new camp 'Wanderers Camp' to the island.
  200.     - Added a new camp 'Chillbone Camp' to the island.
  201.     - Added a new camp 'Stormcloak Camp' to the island.
  202.     - Added several new roads around the island.
  203.     - Added more new harvestables.
  204.     - Reworked the glacier zone.
  205.     - Reading 'History of Wyrmstooth' now triggers Vulom's sidequest.
  206.     - Added a new dungeon 'Krakevisa Midden' to the island.
  207.     - Added a new dungeon 'Bloodfrost Burrow' to the island.
  208.     - Added a new grove 'Gronndal Grove' to the island.
  209.     - Added a new cave 'Blind Robbers Bluff' to the island.
  210.     - Added a new side-quest 'Blind Robbers Cache'.
  211.     - Added a new side-quest 'A Priceless Commodity'.
  212.     - Added more music and follower comment triggers.
  213.     - Fixed named reference that might've caused a crash in Luminatory.
  214.     - Polycount optimization in Luminatory to improve load times.
  215.     - Silver weapons can now be crafted and improved at a forge.
  216.     - Added nirnroot around the island.
  217.     - Added dragon events around the island.
  218.     - Removed duplicate and unnecessary references to improve performance.
  219.     - Solved bug associated with reading music files from archives.
  220.       Custom music has been added back into Wyrmstooth.
  221.     - Added 4 new miscellaneous objective quests.
  223. 1.9 - Fixed issue preventing new cure spells from appearing in spell list.
  224.     - Fixed erroneous script properties on playable lutes.
  225.     - Added a new dungeon 'Hermans Hold' to the island.
  226.     - Fixed issue with an unlootable steam centurion in the Luminatory.
  227.     - Removed cell ownership in Hall of the Dead to fix coffin labels.
  228.     - Removed silver weapon smithing and tempering that were added in 1.8.
  229.     - Removed unused effects.
  230.     - Fixed the scripting on and the contents of Fjeimir's Note.
  231.     - Fixed issue with a chair not upgrading properly in Fort Valus.
  232.     - Some more performance tweaking in the Luminatory.
  234. 1.10- Made Wyrmstooth.esp a false ESM file (Nexusmods/Moddb Only).
  236. 1.11- Fixed Lurius Liore's say once dialogue bug.
  237.     - Adjusted alchemy ingredient weightings.
  238.     - The Fort Valus cook, blacksmith and gardener now trade.
  239.     - Wyrmstooth music now plays inside Fort Valus, not dungeon music.
  240.     - Removed some ambient dungeon sounds from Fort Valus.
  241.     - Lorumend and Gundlof should now perform as bards.
  242.     - More locations are subject to random dragon attacks.
  243.     - Wyrmstooth.ini removed from package (Nexusmods/Moddb Only).
  244.     - The Fort Valus Common House interiors are no longer joined.
  245.     - Removed the prison rotunda from the Fort Valus barracks.
  246.     - Removed the unnecessary dwemer section from Frostvein mine.
  247.     - Implemented a prison system on Wyrmstooth.
  248.     - Removed errant door transition from the Mining Settlement.
  249.     - Some locations around Wyrmstooth are now clearable.
  250.     - Radiant quests can now be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations.
  251.     - Fixed errant location information on some cells.
  252.     - Most houses around Wyrmstooth now have shadowmarks.
  253.     - Added ambush behaviour to the dragons in the steampools.
  254.     - Reduced Imperials involved in final battle to improve performance.
  255.     - Wyrmstooth Barrow now has a named boss.
  256.     - Fixed Lurius and Theodyn sometimes not appearing in Bannered Mare.
  257.     - Reduced mob size in the Refectory to prevent possible crash.
  258.     - Followers may now be able to follow you into Dimfrost.
  259.     - Reworked some areas of Wyrmstooth Barrow, especially the refectory.
  260.     - Saeglopur farm is no longer totally abandoned per se...
  261.     - Hid a few treasure chests around the island.
  262.     - Added more follower comment triggers around the island.
  263.     - The miners at Gronndal Grove are now hostile to the dragons.
  264.     - Named unnamed relationships, deleted unused relationships.
  265.     - Fixed a few more navmesh and door portal issues.
  267. 1.12- Door to Luminatory water elevator no longer slightly askew.
  268.     - Set minimum level for Wyrmstooth encounter zones to 10.
  269.     - Reduced Nighthunter's Locket value to make it easier to pickpocket.
  270.     - The Severed Leg can now be improved with Human Flesh.
  271.     - Some named Fort Valus staff can now be asked to follow you.
  272.     - Added a second elevator to Dimfrost.
  273.     - Faelor should now be able to enter buildings.
  274.     - Fixed spell absorption on Wyrmstooth's new conjuration spells.
  275.     - Reworked some portions of the Dimfrost sub dungeons.
  276.     - Goreduster can no longer be sold or dropped.
  278. 1.13- Fixed issue with Vulthurkrah's raise dead scene not triggering.
  279.     - Bloodfrost Burrow's boss vampire no longer enabled by default.
  280.     - Added additional enable trigger for Wyrmstooth map marker.
  281.     - Fixed script-related issue with a dead horse at the settlement.
  282.     - Fixed issue with legion carts not moving during final scene.
  283.     - Fixed issue with dragon aggression during final battle.
  284.     - Fixed issue with town not rebuilding after Barrow of the Wyrm.
  285.     - Added a thieves guild fence to The Hermit Inn.
  286.     - Added a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary player home.
  287.     - Fixed issue that could prevent the mercenaries from appearing.
  288.     - Reclaiming The Past starts if you enter any building at Fort Valus.
  289.     - Added new random events for the Wyrmstooth worldspace.
  290.     - Vampires no longer receive sun damage in Dimfrost.
  291.     - Arvak can now be summoned on Wyrmstooth and in Dimfrost.
  292.     - Residents now properly lock and unlock their doors.
  293.     - Sigur now walks to the correct bed when renting a room.
  294.     - Bulak now trades potions and ingredients.
  295.     - Fixed issue with spriggan matriarch not becoming hostile.
  296.     - Removed unused location: Cutpurse Crevasse.
  298. 1.14- Fixed issue with random encounters returning NPCs to holding cell.
  299.     - Fixed issue that may prevent random encounter NPCs from travelling.
  300.     - Fixed issue with ship at docks disappearing.
  301.     - Fixed issue with new elevator shaft to/from dimfrost disappearing.
  302.     - Added a few new points of interest around the island.
  303.     - Added more conjure draugr spell tomes inside Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  304.     - Wyrmstooth now has (miserable) climate and weather most days.
  305.     - Added Crimson Nirnroot to Dimfrost.
  306.     - Fixed random event crowding.
  307.     - The mercenaries now sandbox-follow during Barrow of the Wyrm.
  308.     - Increased wordwall word pickup distance.
  309.     - Added sporadic lightning to the northern marsh.
  310.     - Lurius Liore is now excluded from bard audiences.
  311.     - Lava now does a heck of a lot more damage.
  312.     - Vulthurkrah now uses his own storm call instead of Alduins.
  313.     - Replaced generic Bandits with Marauders.
  314.     - The draugr could be killed by accident before Alberthor's spell.
  315.     - Fixed issue that prevented soldiers exiting the imperial carts.
  316.     - Vulthurkrah now resurrects the imperials that die in battle.
  317.     - Elmera no longer follows so closely during final battle.
  318.     - Added more new spells. Check Krakevisa for new spell tomes.
  319.     - The Marauder boss at Cragwater is no longer enabled by default.
  320.     - The draugr can now strike and kill things while controlled.
  321.     - Set up regions around the island.
  322.     - Added relationships to help mercenaries ignore friendly fire.
  323.     - Added Theodyn to random events to help him find you.
  325.     Big thanks to Arthmoor for the following:
  327.     - Fixed a bunch of papyrus spam due to bad trigger config.
  328.     - Fixed issue preventing weapon retrieval from plaques and racks.
  329.     - Fixed missing quest link on word walls.
  331.     And Sheson for the following:
  333.     - Fixed problem with wrong texture used on Emperor Parasol LOD.
  335. 1.15- Fixed a couple map marker typos.
  336.     - Added lock lists to Fort Valus to support NPC schedules.
  337.     - Cure Poison is now an Adept level spell (as requested).
  338.     - Cure Disease is now an Expert level spell (as requested).
  339.     - Fixed Cure Poison and Cure Disease casting effects.
  340.     - Added Artisanix's Paintings and Frames resource.
  341.     - Added Blary's Ingredients Wall Art resource.
  342.     - Added new regional ambient sounds.
  343.     - Added a bunch of new custom modeled clutter assets.
  344.     - Added voice acting for many mining settlement NPCs.
  345.     - Fixed collision mesh on the Emperor Parasol mushrooms.
  346.     - Reworked the distribution of the Elf Cup harvestable.
  347.     - Did a bit more performance tweaking around the island.
  348.     - Fixed issue with door marker to The Hermit not on navmesh.
  349.     - Improved UVs on Emperor Parasol mushroom.
  350.     - Helmets worn by Marauders no longer labeled Helm of Yngol.
  351.     - Added more fire emitters to the mining settlement.
  352.     - Leone was incorrectly named Vontus. She wasn't happy.
  353.     - Added a few new dwemer convectors across Wyrmstooth.
  354.     - Added a new merchant with a large amount of gold to trade.
  355.     - Dead named NPCs now properly moved to the Hall of the Dead.
  356.     - Dead named NPCs will now be cleaned up properly.
  357.     - Added debug door to holder cell in case scripted moves fail.
  358.     - Lurius & co getting hit repeatedly no longer results in crash.
  360.     Important:
  362.     - Lurius & co now in the DunPlayerAllyFaction instead of the
  363.       Player faction. This *may* fix issues caused by other mods
  364.       preventing Player faction members from speaking or that
  365.       make members of the Player faction hostile to each other.
  368. *****************************************************************
  370.      4. F.A.Q.
  372. *****************************************************************
  374. Q. What patch level is required?
  375. A. You should be running 1.8 or higher.
  377. Q. Do I need Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn to play Wyrmstooth?
  378. A. No, neither of these are required to play Wyrmstooth.
  380. Q. Do I need any other additional mods or plugins like SKSE?
  381. A. No, nothing else is required except Skyrim.
  383. Q. What ENB did you use to take the screenshots?
  384. A. For the screenshots I used K ENB.
  386. Q. I really liked this mod, what can I do to show my support?
  387. A. Tell your friends about it, endorse and vote it on Nexus Mods or rate it on Steam so others
  388.    can share in the adventure, I really appreciate it.
  390. Q. Is the mod stable?
  391. A. There are no known crashes caused specifically by Wyrmstooth. If you are experiencing
  392.    intermittent crashes, try lowering your graphics settings or reconsider how many retexture
  393.    mods you need as you may be overburdening your system.
  395. Q. Is development of Wyrmstooth complete?
  396. A. For now consider the project complete, however I may extend the main questline in the future
  397.    depending on how many people are still interested in the mod.
  399. Q. How much time did you spend working on Wyrmstooth?
  400. A. About 2000 hours and counting.
  402. Q. OK i've loaded the mod. How does the questline begin?
  403. A. The quest begins once you're at atleast level 10 and have atleast been summoned by the
  404.    Greybeards in the main quest. An imperial courier named Theodyn Bienne will track you down
  405.    and starts from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. You should run into him if you head towards
  406.    Whiterun using any of the main roads. Alternatively he should be able to find you if you
  407.    wait for 24 hours in any of the major cities. Regardless of where you are in the world,
  408.    he should find you eventually.
  410. Q. What kind of performance impact does Wyrmstooth have on Skyrim?
  411. A. The overall impact on performance should be negligible to non-existent. Wyrmstooth is a
  412.    quest/new lands mod, it doesn't make any gameplay changes. Most of the adventure takes
  413.    place in a separate Wyrmstooth worldspace. At most you'll have 7 new NPCs in Skyrim before
  414.    travelling to Wyrmstooth. If you do experience performance loss or instability see
  415.    "Q. Is the mod stable?" and make sure Wyrmstooth.esp is the last master file loaded in your
  416.    load list.
  419. *****************************************************************
  421.      5. Troubleshooting
  423. *****************************************************************
  425. Q. I can't find Lurius Liore at the Bannered Mare nor can I find Theodyn Bienne.
  426. A. Open the console using the tile key (`) and type in the following command then press enter:
  428.         getstage wtdragonhunt
  430.    If the console says 'Item wtdragonhunt not found for parameter Quest' that means the mod
  431.    has not yet been loaded. Make sure it is being loaded by your mod manager.
  433.    If it returns '0' firstly make sure you've unloaded any mods that modify the Bannered Mare
  434.    then try the following:
  436.         1. Open the console and type: help Lurius
  437.         2. You should see a NPC_ record. Note the first two numbers (ONLY!)
  438.         3. Type: prid ##0218D0 (replace ## with those first two numbers)
  439.         4. Type: enable
  440.         5. Type: moveto player
  441.         6. Type: setstage wtdragonhunt 10
  443.    Ideally try doing this in Whiterun so Lurius doesn't have to travel as far to reach his
  444.    sandbox area.
  446. Q. I can't speak to Theodyn; he doesn't say anything at all. Nor does Lurius Liore.
  447. A. Mods that disable NPC greetings under certain circumstances such as Sneak Tools have been
  448.    known to prevent Theodyn from greeting the player successfully. This isn't an issue with
  449.    Sneak Tools per se, that's just how the cowl dynamic appears to work.
  451.    TL;DR: Remove your cowl.
  453.    There may be other mods out there that disable NPC dialogue under certain circumstances
  454.    or make no exceptions for Wyrmstooth NPCs. This is not something I can do anything about.
  456.    This issue may also affect players running a pirated copy of Skyrim. Using a no-steam dll
  457.    patch may also cause this problem.
  459. Q. I can't find the mercenaries on the road to Falkreath.
  460. A. If you have a mod installed that deletes the XMarker 0008F648, Wyrmstooth won't know where
  461.    to place the mercenaries. This is XMarker is part of vanilla Skyrim.
  463.    If you can't work out which mod is deleting this XMarker, you can skip Dragon Hunt using
  464.    the following console command:
  466.         setstage wtdragonhunt 120
  468.    Starting the mod under version 1.13 or earlier and upgrading to version 1.14 or later
  469.    before finishing Dragon Hunt may also break this quest due to the changes made in 1.14.
  470.    Either roll back to 1.13 and finish Dragon Hunt then upgrade or reload a save taken
  471.    prior to starting Dragon Hunt and try again.
  473. Q. The game crashes or hangs or my screen is just a solid color when I enter or exit an area.
  474. A. Download the Wyrmstooth.ini file from Nexusmods and copy it to the same folder as your
  475.    Wyrmstooth.esp and Wyrmstooth.bsa files.
  477. Q. How do I get back to Skyrim or return to Wyrmstooth?
  478. A. You can use the fast travel map markers to travel between Skyrim and Wyrmstooth which are
  479.    enabled once you arrive on the island for the first time. 1.15 now adds a new NPC to the
  480.    Red Wave whom you can talk to if you want to travel back and forth.
  482. Q. I lost my follower after falling down the shaft into Dimfrost.
  483. A. They'll be waiting for you outside the dwemer elevator once you reach the surface if they
  484.    cannot make the fall down the shaft in the crypt.
  486. Q. The game gets stuck loading the Luminatory area in Dimfrost.
  487. A. If you've made any lod z-fighting ini tweaks, reverse them. Also the Safety Load mod seems
  488.    to be effective at solving infinite load problems but will require SKSE.
  490. Q. The game seems to be crashing sporadically after I've arrived in Wyrmstooth.
  491. A. Random crashes can be caused by a number of things:
  493.    1. If it crashes as soon as you arrive on Wyrmstooth or shortly thereafter install the
  494.       Wyrmstooth Travel Crash Hotfix on Nexusmods or Steam. There is a bug in the game
  495.       engine that causes a crash if the game cannot read an XWM music file from a BSA archive,
  496.       this fix prevents custom music playing on Wyrmstooth.
  498.    2. If that doesn't solve it download the Wyrmstooth Unpacked BSA file and extract the
  499.       Music and Sound folders to your Skyrim Data folder where your ESP, ESM and BSA files are.
  501.    3. If you have an ENB installed, try installing ENBoost and Sheson's memory patch. I can't
  502.       tell you how many times this has solved random crashes. Also maybe reconsider how many
  503.       texture and lighting mods you need to install as you might be overloading your system.
  505. Q. I can't seem to talk to the wolf Faelor.
  506. A. Known issue, I think it might have something to do with the state of the actor not
  507.    resetting to idle after engaging in combat. A workaround is to either fast travel to a
  508.    nearby location and return or use 'enable' and 'disable' console commands to reset Faelor.
  509.    The Unofficial Skyrim Patch (UKSP) also seems to solve this problem.
  511. Q. Lurius isn't taking me to Wyrmstooth, after speaking to him at Solitude he runs away.
  512. A. This issue seems related to upgrading Wyrmstooth from a really old version to the latest
  513.    version after starting Dragon Hunt but before completing Barrow of the Wyrm. Use these
  514.    console commands to fix the situation:
  516.         1. Open the console (`) and click on Lurius to get his reference id (##0218D0).
  517.         2. Type the following console command: coc WyrmstoothDocks01
  518.         3. Type the following console command: moveto player
  519.         4. Type the following console command: setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 50
  521.    If that doesn't work, just head to the barrow and read the bandit journal to get the
  522.    questline back on track.
  524. Q. The dragon won't fight me during the final battle. It just keeps circling the settlement.
  525. A. Be patient. There will a delay, moreso if the dragon is far away when you enter the
  526.    mining settlement. If it's been a minute and the dragon still isn't attacking, try:
  528.         Type the following console command: setstage wtbarrowofthewyrm 250
  529.         Target the dragon with the console and type: setav aggression 3
  531.    Just note that you need to be within the walls of the mining settlement before the dragon
  532.    starts attacking. It won't attack while you're still on the road or far afield.
  534. Q. The town isn't rebuilding after I've defeated the dragon. I've collected my reward from
  535.    Lurius and it's been more than a week in-game.
  536. A. Known issue when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13 after finishing Barrow Of The Wyrm. Caused
  537.    by me goofing some scripting. Sorry! Anyway, use 'help Lurius 4' and note the first two
  538.    digits of the NPC_ record and use them in place of ## in the following console commands:
  540.         prid ##02B33E
  541.         enable
  542.         prid ##02B340
  543.         enable
  544.         prid ##02B341
  545.         enable
  547. Q. LOD mesh (very low texture resolution objects) isn't disappearing when I get closer.
  548. A. Known issue with Warburg's Paper Map. This issue appears to affect Solstheim, Falskaar
  549.    and other mods/dlc that add new land masses.
  551. Q. Lurius and Theodyn are fighting / the mercenaries are fighting each other.
  552. A. You likely have a mod installed that makes the player faction hostile against itself.
  553.    These NPCs were added to the player faction to prevent hostile actions against them
  554.    from preventing or delaying quest progression. This should be fixed in 1.15.
  556. Q. I don't see any map markers for a specific Wyrmstooth quest.
  557. A. This is a problem with the vanilla game if you have too many active quests at one time.
  560. *****************************************************************
  562.      6. Compatibility
  564. *****************************************************************
  566. The following is a list of modified defaults. This information is provided for other mod
  567. developers in an effort to avoid any compatibility issues with other mods. New references
  568. associated with this mod are prefixed with "WT" as part of naming convention. Changes to
  569. standard locations were kept to a minimum to avoid any potential clashes.
  571. Worldspaces:
  572. Tamriel
  574. Tamriel Worldspace:
  575. SolitudeRedWaveExterior (-17,22)
  577. Locations:
  578. SolitudeDocksLocation
  580. Basically I attached SolitudeDocksLocation to cell -17,22 so Lurius knows when he's arrived
  581. at the Red Wave.
  583. Wyrmstooth also reads an xmarker in Tamriel cell -1,-19 and in WhiterunBanneredMare. If
  584. these locations are changed by other mods it may affect the quest 'Dragon Hunt'.
  587. *****************************************************************
  589.      7. Known Issues
  591. *****************************************************************
  593. A list of known issues. Some of these may be fixable, others may not be if they are tied to
  594. game-engine related bugs or limitations. Problems introduced by mod conflicts, bad load order
  595. or bad .ini settings are not included in this list.
  597.  - Floating grass/rocks inside some interiors. This is related to a bug in vanilla Skyrim and
  598.    is not something exclusive to Wyrmstooth. Doesn't seem to happen consistently. Entering and
  599.    exiting the interior may clear away the grass/rocks. Installing the Unofficial Skyrim Patch
  600.    (UKSP) should fix this issue.
  602.  - Saving and reloading a save while the imperial carriages are moving will cause them to
  603.    spazz out. This seems to be caused by a limitation in the object tethering function. It
  604.    won't break the quest but it might make for an amusing Youtube video...
  606.  - Sometimes the water room in the Luminatory may not reset itself immediately if you've
  607.    already been through this section before. Exiting the Luminatory and re-entering should
  608.    cause the door to open and the water level function to reset.
  610.  - FPS hit when entering Wyrmstooth Settlement, especially for the first time. Might be
  611.    related to smoke and fire emitters. Performance improves later on in the adventure as the
  612.    rubble and debris is tidied up and the settlement rebuilds. A possible future workaround
  613.    might be to make the mining settlement a closed worldspace, but I don't like closed cities.
  615.  - Summoning spells may not work if you aim at a road. Go figure.
  617.  - Grass may not appear on Wyrmstooth. Installing the Wyrmstooth.ini file will fix this
  618.    issue for you. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch (UKSP) also includes a fix for this issue.
  621. *****************************************************************
  623.      8. Suggestions
  625. *****************************************************************
  627. Should you come across any problems with the mod, send me a message with the details either
  628. on the Skyrim Nexus or send an email to wyrmstooth@gmail.com.
  630. I may extend the main questline in the near future so if you would like to keep up to date
  631. with any developments follow the project on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
  633. And if you enjoyed the mod -- don't forget to endorse it on Nexusmods or rate it on Steam.
  635. Thanks for taking the time to play Wyrmstooth :-).
  637. Steam:          http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125728404
  638. Nexus Mods:     http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/25704
  639. Moddb:          http://www.moddb.com/mods/wyrmstooth
  640. Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/SkyrimWyrmstooth
  641. Twitter:        http://twitter.com/Wyrmstooth
  642. YouTube:        http://youtube.com/SkyrimWyrmstooth
  645. *****************************************************************
  647.      9. Uninstallation
  649. *****************************************************************
  651. Treat uninstalling Wyrmstooth the same as you would uninstalling a Bethesda DLC. The ideal
  652. method would be to revert to a save you took prior to installing it. If for some reason
  653. that's not an option, you can refer to SuperSajuuk's document:
  655.         https://www.dropbox.com/s/lj6d98yy8ohcoh3/Uninstalling%20Skyrim%20Mods.pdf?dl=0
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